Waterfront Charters Cape Town

Mar 26, 2019 | Uncategorised

Who Could Have Foreseen Waterfront Charters in Cape Town?

One will never, ever know, but it’s fun to speculate about what the person responsible for the first European settlement in the erstwhile Cape of Storms, Jan van Riebeeck, would think if he had the ability to time travel from his grave in Jakarta, Indonesia, to today’s vibrant, modern Cape Town.

He would undoubtedly be astonished by the unforeseen modern waterfront and our sleek white flagship cruise boat, which operates private and non-private charter cruises from the wondrous V&A Waterfront.

The place in which he established the first rudimentary settlement for the Dutch VOC was named Cape of Storms by Bartholomew Dias, the Portuguese seafarer and explorer. Later, it became the Cape of Good Hope and is now simply referred to as the fairest Cape in the world, or more directly, Cape Town.

A Cape

If you look at a map or the area, Cape Town’s cape can clearly be seen. In this case, the body of water is, as expected, the sea in Table Bay, somewhat protected by the cape/headland/large elevation.

Our Waterfront Home

The lively, upmarket V&A Waterfront, home of our charter boat company, Tigger 2, and home base and mooring of our ultra-luxurious charter cruise catamaran, the Tigger 2 Royale, adjoins the sea on the headland side of Table Bay.

The V&A Waterfront should not be confused with Cape Town’s huge, busy commercial harbour, which was built and subsequently updated and revamped a little further into Table Bay, where giant commercial vessels dock to load and offload whatever they’re contracted to transport by sea.Jetty, Breakwater, Harbour, and Waterfront

Van Riebeeck’s men constructed a jetty to make refuelling, loading, and offloading of sailing vessels somewhat safer and easier, but his basic jetty could hardly be called a harbour dockside. One can only surmise that he would be rendered speechless by all the development, innovation, activity, and sophistication of the Cape that has taken place since his departure in 1662.

Prince Alfred, the fourth of Queen Victoria’s nine children and her second son, had joined the Royal Navy. He was responsible for the construction of the first breakwater, the precursor of the harbour in Cape Town. The V&A Waterfront is consequently named after Victoria and Alfred.

Home to the Waterfront

We always bring the luxurious Tigger 2 Royale charter cruiser and our passengers back home to the waterfront and Mother – Cape Town, the magnificent Mother City of Tigger 2 charters.

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