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Mar 26, 2019 | Articles

The Exclusivity of Private Cruises to and from the Waterfront

Now that mankind lives in a so-called global village in which constantly communicating populations are growing and increasing at a rate of knots, privacy is a highly valued commodity, and in turn, privacy is also becoming scarcer. There are ever fewer open spaces and private places to which modern human beings can retire to be alone, immersed in nature, away from other people and the public domain – unobserved, quiet, at peace, and with nothing to do but just be…

That’s privacy! This is an option that we offer at Tigger 2, our luxury charter boat company, which provides both blissfully private and exciting, very sociable non-private ocean cruises from our base at the iconic V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

Both private and non-private charter cruises are available aboard our sleek white, flagship catamaran, the Tigger 2 Royale, which is moored at the V&A Waterfront when not in service, cruising on the clear-blue waters off the supremely scenic Cape coastline. Tigger 2 Royale’s cruise routes take passengers to the waters off Clifton’s 4th Beach, or along the alternative voyage to Milnerton and Blouberg, passing Robben Island on the return trip back to the V&A Waterfront.Private Charter Cruises

You’ll seldom, if ever, be as exclusively private as you may be while aboard our luxury cruise boat, with or without guests of your choice. There you are, on the open ocean waters with only scenic views of the coastline, but no intrusive urban sounds to disturb your reverie.

You’ll probably hear wavelets lapping against the boat’s hull as you lie at anchor to take in the Cape coastline’s scenery, while sipping your favourite drink. Perhaps you’ll also notice the flutter of a refreshing sea breeze and the cry of a passing seagull, or the swooping and swishing sounds of a mighty albatross’s wings as it picks up speed before riding the air currents on its marine journey.

Because you’re undertaking a private charter cruise, your cruise boat – the state-of-the-art, modern Tigger 2 Royale, is by no means devoid of luxuries and the latest mariner’s creature comforts, which include two powerful, turbo diesel engines, mounted inboard to minimise engine noise without diminishing the power output. Nonetheless, you’ll sense the immense power, rather than hear anything more than a reassuring muted growl or throb.

Our private charter cruise options are numerous, with ample opportunities to customise your exclusive cruise’s duration and on-board facilities, because it is perfectly private, designed to suit you, your mood, and your preference from the moment you step aboard at the V&A Waterfront.

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