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Jun 2, 2022 | Articles

Cape Town’s Boat Cruises Waterfront Precinct Offer Unique Experiences

Are you drawn to water, or more specifically, the seaside and wide blue ocean, as are many, perhaps most other people?  Our luxurious charter boat cruises operate from the perfect location – Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront, adjacent to Table Bay Harbour.

We really enjoy sharing our beautiful charter boat, the love for cruising, the pristine blue ocean waters off the Cape’s coastline, and all the moods and nuances of the Atlantic Ocean just beyond the Waterfront precinct.

Additionally, a Waterfront charter boat cruise is one of the best ways to experience Cape Town – from an entirely unique perspective, which involves taking the best scenic views of the Cape, from the seaward side.

Luxury Yacht Charter - Waterfront Boat Cruises

Did You Know?

Did you know that there is a seldom-used, specific word for people who adore being in, on, or in close proximity to water, to an almost obsessive extent? Like numerous other people, we were unaware of this term and its meaning, but as is often the case when unearthing unusual, off-the-wall facts that you probably wouldn’t even come across in a game of Trivial Pursuit, information obtained from the Internet came to the rescue.


Ahoy, the Thalassophile

This type of person is known as a “thalassophile”. A thalassophile is not only partial to being near the sea; he/she has a deep-seated, inherent need to be in this environment, if not constantly, then certainly at very frequent intervals. It’s said to be an involuntary and magnetic attraction, which is named after Thalassa, the mythological ancient Greek goddess of the sea.

Regardless, you do not have to be a thalassophile to be blown away by our best, breathtaking Tigger 2 charter boat cruises, which sail to and from our jetty on Cape Town’s iconic Waterfront. A love of or fascination with adventurous new experiences, marine life, the outdoors and nature, sensational scenery and the like, will do nicely.

Those who love the sea, water and water-based activities, struggle to understand why certain other people have a distinct fear of large bodies of water. These unfortunate folks usually avoid swimming and going anywhere near vast expanses of water, particularly the saline stuff. Consequently, cruising isn’t for them, but they represent the minority.


Humans Beings’ Own Body of Water

It is suspected that the majority of human beings are strongly attracted to water because approximately 60 – 80% of the human body consists of water. Scientists have actually developed formulae with which to calculate one’s own body’s percentage. There’s one formula for males, whose bodies, on average, contain a higher percentage of water than do females, for whom a separate calculation has been developed.


Passion for Sharing Waterfront Boat Cruises

Perhaps it’s best we leave each to his or her own preferences at this point. Our passion for cruising and sharing the delights aboard our luxurious charter boat, Tigger 2 Royale, prevails, and it shows in the commitment we have to satisfy and exceed the expectations of all our esteemed guests – our passengers.


Best Experiences on Offer

There’s no shortage of great leisure-time experiences to be enjoyed in and around the City of Cape Town and her Waterfront. We, at Tigger 2, are delighted to offer some of the best and most unique of these – a range of Waterfront charter boat cruises to suit a variety of purposes, occasions, preferences and budgets. There’s something really great for everyone to enjoy.


Pick Your Best Experience

Before you select the boat trip of your dreams, you must decide between two types of charter options – private or non-private.

The former option allows you the most latitude since you’re hiring the entire vessel for a specified period of time, which includes the duration of your cruise, menu of your choice and number of guests – taking our passenger/service limits into account. If you wish, it’s up to you to customise these elements, as well as onboard activities and entertainment.

By selecting our non-private option, you share your charter with others, up to our maximum passenger limit of 70 souls, whilst a minimum number of guests are required, to ensure that affordable non-private charters are viable.


Cruise Choices

  • Sunset
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Floating restaurant
  • Weddings
  • Special occasions
  • Team building
  • Corporate charters/product launches

Choosing the Waterfront charter boat cruise that best suits you ensure that the glorious memories of Cape Town that you make in the company of Tigger 2 will stay with you forever. Join us on the waterfront for an imitable experience of our Mother City – from an entirely novel perspective.

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