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Jun 2, 2022 | Articles

The Champions of Boat Charters in Cape Town

Champion Boat charters in Cape Town, aboard our luxurious catamaran charter boat, are sought-after by one and all, and even more so during South African holiday seasons when locals and fellow citizens from upcountry regions flock to our city, swelling the numbers of international visitors.

Booking Early

Many of these folks may have booked their charter cruises in advance to secure the days and dates of their choice. Some may dream of acquiring a boat of their own, but nevertheless, are delighted to enjoy the awesome charter cruises which we at Tigger 2, offer in Cape Town.

Supply and Demand

It’s wise to book for our private and non-private charter cruises in advance to avoid the disappointment of finding that your first charter trip choice is already fully subscribed – the law of supply and demand, so you may dream of acquiring your own vessel.

Buying your Own Boat

Being able to buy your own boat in Cape Town is great. However, your expenses and responsibilities don’t end there; this is the point at which they start. The vessel’s initial price is one thing; its maintenance and upkeep are quite another.

Ownership Expenses

Firstly, you need somewhere that is as safe as possible to keep your vessel in the erstwhile Cape of Storms, the first name given to what became Cape Town. A berth with easy and convenient access to your boat is ideal, because locals say that experiencing four seasons in one day isn’t unusual.

Regardless, boat ownership is where and when ongoing additional costs are incurred. There’ll be those associated with mooring rental fees and relevant expenses with which to maintain and care for your boat in a popular Cape Town maritime environment. Secure mooring points are constantly in demand in this stunning port city, where people love to take to the ocean waters.

An Industry Flagship Boat Charters in Cape Town

At Tigger 2, we’re by no means against boat ownership. On the contrary, where would we be if we didn’t own our charter industry’s flagship vessel, the magnificent Tigger 2 Royale? A 55ft, luxuriously appointed catamaran with a white streamlined, sleek exterior and interior design lines that elicit a resounding “wow” response from passers-by and of course, our passengers.

Inside, Tigger 2 Royale subtly echoes the waves and curved lines that are synonymous with the ocean current’s movements and swells that are typical of Cape Town’s ocean waters. Moreover, it’s rightfully said that there are no straight lines in nature. The only significant straight lines aboard this boat are those that are essential for her smooth operation and function, plus our guests’ convenience, comfort and safety, which are also paramount features of our breathtaking boat charters.

In keeping with the vessel’s name, our passengers, who are also our most welcome guests, are given the royal treatment from the moment they step aboard Tigger 2 Royale, there to be warmly greeted by our competent crew with a refreshing glass of sparkling wine, a la Méthode Cap Classique. The tone is set.

All Aboard and Anchors Aweigh

Soon, once it’s “all aboard” and “anchors aweigh”; the charter cruise commences. Our crew cast off, as Tigger 2 Royale’s powerful twin turbo-assisted 530hp inboard diesel engines eagerly burble into life, only hinting at the power within, comfortably capable of attaining a top speed of 22 knots. Nonetheless, the boat typically cruises comfortably at an average speed of 12 – 16 knots in the Cape Town waters, while undertaking charter trips.

Charter Boat’s Efficiency, Comfort and Safety

Catamarans are designed to have dual hulls, which allow water to pass through between the two, thereby minimising resistance and maximising potential speed. It follows that each hull must be fitted with its own engine.

A dual hull design also offers additional stability to the boat, enhancing the comfort of all who have the enjoyment of being on board for our eagerly anticipated Tigger 2 charter cruises, to and from Cape Town’s inimitable V&A Waterfront.

We comply fully with the requirements of SAMSA – the South African Maritime Authority, which is the body that sets the standards for marine vessels. Our onboard safety measures include a smoke and fire detection system, linked to an alarm, a lifeboat with a 65-person-carrying capacity, and life jackets that feature lights.

If you wish to enjoy a unique, exclusive experience in Cape Town, a safe, secure and fabulously fun Tigger 2 charter boat cruise is a must. We’ll be there, as champions of the cause, to say “Welcome aboard”, and mean it sincerely.


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