The Best Sunset Cruises

Jun 2, 2022 | Articles

Sensational Scenery Perfects the Best Sunset Cruises

Going out on the ocean for a sunset cruise must be one of the most exciting, romantic and pleasurable things that one might do as daylight slowly fades away, saying “farewell”, whilst the gentle, soft dusk sets in, in readiness for welcoming nighttime phenomena.


Serene Surroundings

Our Tigger 2 sunset cruises depart from our jetty at the renowned V&A Waterfront and its famed backdrop – Table Mountain. The moment we reach the open water, the unique sound and smell of the ocean become evident. After proceeding to the area off Clifton’s fabled 4th beach to take in a new view of the coastline, the skies begin to darken, ever so gradually. The sun is ready to set.

Once we begin our return journey and draw near to home base, the scene is further enhanced by the appearance of the moon, as it begins to peer over the distant horizon. Soon, the bright stars start twinkling, adding to the charm and serene sense of wonder and romance, perfected by starting one of the luxury Tigger 2 charter sunset cruises.


The Best Ending to Any Day

This is the best possible voyage with which to perfect the end any day, and it’s made ultra-special by the surroundings in and around South Africa’s most iconic port city, Cape Town. With good reason, our magnificent Mother City is also known right across the world as the fairest Cape in the entire world. Clearly, we agree, as do the guests whom we welcome aboard our yacht.


Perfect Setting for Tigger 2’s Top of the Pops

Now, if that’s not the perfect setting for sunset cruises, then there’s nothing else around that qualifies as such. In particular, these natural features are a significant scenic part of what makes our ocean cruises and company, Tigger 2, great.

We offer a comprehensive variety of some of the best luxurious charter yacht cruises in and around Cape Town. The exciting sunset cruises aboard our graceful vessel, Tigger 2 Royale, consistently remain at the top of our Tigger 2 pop charts.


What Makes Tigger 2 Great?

As soon as you lay eyes on our streamlined, modern charter boat and you step aboard, you know that you’re in the lap of luxury to revel in a great time. Additionally, you’re assured of a great experience the moment you meet our crew who welcome you to Tigger 2 Royale, which is a flagship in our industry in Cape Town. Outstanding hospitality is part and parcel of your awesome time as a guest of Tigger 2.


Tigger 2Sunset Cruises

  • Well-established, proven track record of excellence since our founding in 1996.
  • Offers a variety of voyages.
  • Available on a non-private or private charter basis, starting from only R440 p/p for a non-private sunset trip.
  • Driven by our commitment to customer service and satisfaction.
  • Strictly observes COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Tigger 2 Royale

  • Vessel is a prestigious beauty to behold.
  • Luxurious white leather interior.
  • Launched in 2008.
  • Shared or exclusive charter.
  • Catamaran design to maximise stability at sea.
  • Powered by two great 530hp turbo diesel engines that are mounted inboard to minimise engine noise.
  • Range of modern interior facilities and creature comforts.

These are just the bare basics of what makes our company, charter yacht, sunset cruises and cruise options so great. However, nothing beats personal experience. For starters, book your spectacular sunset cruises with us and experience what we mean for yourself as you sail away into the sunset.

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