Sunset Cruise Cape Town

Mar 26, 2019 | Articles

Cruise in Cape Town – Sail into the Sunset

At Tigger 2 in Cape Town, our sunset luxury charter boat cruises are without a doubt our most popular cruise options. On a non-private charter basis, the Cape Town sunset cruise also happens to be our most affordable choice of cruise, but its popularity cannot be ascribed exclusively to this option’s lower cost and greater affordability.

Sought-After Sunset Cruises

The constant demand for our sunset cruises is largely driven by our passengers’ appreciation of the romance and beauty of Cape Town, plus the breathtaking colours and shades of the sunsets in the vast African sky. African sunsets are known for their colourful aerial displays, which include warm reds, oranges, peaches, pinks, and cooler shades of blue, grey, and white.

Most Romantic Time of Day

One cannot quite define the reason why sunsets are so closely associated with romance and thought to be the most romantic time of day. Romance is a somewhat abstract, elusive feeling. It is a warm and fuzzy emotion that makes one feel closer to a loved one.Departure and Arrival

Sunset marks the departure of the day, heralding the imminent arrival of the darkness and mystery of the night. One tends to discard and leave behind the ordinary routine, tasks, trials, and tribulations of the day when approaching night time.

Marking the Passage of Time

Additionally, sunset is that fleeting time of transition from day into night which, since ancient times when prehistoric man first became a social being, has always been the time when humans gathered in groups – safety in numbers, as it were, because they felt most threatened when their poor night vision left them vulnerable and unable to see clearly.

Spoil Yourself at Sunset

A sunset cruise in Cape Town with Tigger 2 is a fabulously romantic experience which you owe yourself, at least once. Book for one of our sunset cruises and spoil yourself and your significant other with the best of luxury charter cruising in the ocean just off the Cape coast. Treat yourself to the spectacular Cape sunsets and the sheer romance of it all. If you need more information regarding our cruises, feel free to contact us. We look forward to being of assistance, and even more so to welcoming you aboard the Tigger 2 Royal.

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