Staff Party Ideas in Cape Town

Sep 17, 2019 | Articles

Enjoyable Staff-Party Ideas in Cape Town

What type of staff party do you prefer in Cape Town? It’s not an easy question to answer because one thing is certain: it is virtually impossible to please everybody all of the time in a diverse group of people. Have you wracked your brain and run out of ideas? 

Getting the Balance Right

A staff party is supposed to be a relaxed and enjoyable affair – an opportunity for your personnel to get together for a special occasion at a venue that has nothing to do with work, hierarchy, and the corporate pecking order – or the workplace’s rules and regulations. In fact, staff members are encouraged to mingle freely, get to know one another better, bond, and just have fun in each other’s company. Do you have no idea how to pull this off? Surely, novel party ideas for your personnel in a trendy world-class city like Cape Town should be plentiful? They are – and we’ll tell you where to look.

staff party ideas

Sensational Festive Options

Cape Town’s chief features that have made it internationally famous for its natural beauty are the iconic Table Mountain and the sea. At Tigger 2, we do things differently. Let the rest hike up the mountain and let us give you a completely fresh view of it. Our stunning 17-metre Tigger 2 catamaran is bound to the Cape Town’s ocean waters and it’s all the better for it. We will delight your personnel with sensational staff party ideas aboard our flagship charter cruise boat.

Depending on your budget, the time available for festivities, and the number of guests you wish to invite to your celebrations, you have a range of options from which to choose at Tigger 2. Remember that top-class fun and enjoyment in an unusual setting are key to a successful and memorable staff party in Cape Town. Tigger 2 has all the ideas; the choice is yours.

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