Dreaming of a Luxury Yacht Charter in Cape Town

Jan 26, 2021 | Articles

Luxury Yacht Charter

You may know someone who doesn’t dream of setting sail aboard a luxury charter yacht from Cape Town and cruising off into the wide blue yonder in superb style, chilled cocktail in hand, with a fresh, salty sea breeze fluttering through their hair. We, at Tigger 2, certainly haven’t met this dreamless person yet, but if we do, they may well become an instant luxury charter yacht cruise convert, once they lay eyes on our state-of-the-art vessel, the 55 ft. Tigger 2 Royale.

Finding a Fortune

Oi, it really does sound to too good to be true, unless you pick the multi-million rand winning sequence of the week’s Lotto numbers, or unexpectedly come upon a small – or substantial – fortune.

A fortune is a fortune, especially when you don’t have it, and right now, you’re not too fussy about the exact amount, as long as you’re able to take that luxury Cape Town yacht cruise that dominates your dreams and desires.

There’s great news for those dreamers who are under the mistaken impression that a luxury yacht charter trip in and around magnificent Cape Town is beyond their means, because it isn’t – no fortune required for this luxury.

Aboard Tigger 2 Royale

The cost of a charter cruise is surprisingly affordable for ocean-loving folks, providing that they book a cruise from and back to the Cape Town Marina Precinct and Table Bay Harbour aboard the elegant, streamlined Tigger 2 Royale, our flagship yacht in the Cape Town luxury sailing scene.

Charter Options

Would-be passengers will be delighted to learn that we’ve extended our December Special Re-Opening charter options and rates until the end of January 2021. The options are explained fully elsewhere on our website, under the “Cruises & Offers” heading. This list also includes: Luxury Yacht Charters

  • NIRVANA Waterfront Boat Cruise
  • Sunset Cruises Cape Town
  • Lunch & Dinner Cruise
  • Floating Restaurant
  • Weddings
  • Special Occasions
  • Team Building
  • Corporate Charters / Product Launches

Yacht charters may be undertaken on a private or non-private basis. Rates are commensurate with the selected option, number of passengers or guests, menu/snack selection and whether on-board entertainment and activities are to be included. 

On-Board Health and Safety

Like every other responsible dining and entertainment venue, which cares for the well-being of its guests and patrons, Tigger 2 also complies with health and safety measures aboard Tigger 2 Royale.

Passenger safety en route to and from Cape Town is paramount, as it has always been. We have the following safety equipment on board at all times:

  • Full safety gear, compliant with the South African Maritime Authority regulations.
  • A life raft, which accommodates 65 persons.
  • Life jackets fitted with lights.
  • A fire and smoke detection system equipped with an alarm to alert the crew.
  • An experienced skipper, in charge of the vessel.

Because of COVID-19 prevention measures and restrictions, we (and our passengers) have to be flexible in order to comply with various stages of lockdown and prevention protocols. When a national curfew is in place, this obviously affects our yacht charter cruises that culminate or take place after dark and/or close to curfew times. Details appear on our re-opening special web page.

Beat the Blues!

A lovely luxury charter yacht sunset or lunchtime trip around the Cape Town coastline may be the very thing to spirit your ambitions and dreams away from COVID-19 blues, safely, sensationally, and affordably.

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