Setting Sail in Cape Town on a Sensational Sunset Cruise

Mar 10, 2021 | Articles

Sunset Cruise

Somewhere along the line, romantic writings and songs invariably mention “sunset”. One such song may pop into the minds of those of us who were exposed to many different music genres almost from birth. The song was entitled “Red Sails in the Sunset” and one particular version became popular, reaching Billboard hit status when it was recorded by the legendary Nat King Cole in 1951.

Romantic Sunset with Sundowners

Music aside for the moment, virtually all imaginative, romantic souls conjure up images and pictures in and of the mind, involving the closing of the day, that incredible time when the light softens and settles down – sunset. Soon, the night’s inky blackness will start to stretch out towards the land, but for a time, its sunset. If you like, (who doesn’t?), include a sundowner too.

An Ocean-Going Affair

Cruises are almost always associated with hours of lovely leisure, luxury, great food, refreshingly cool beverages, fresh, slightly salty ocean breezes, and a blue ocean that stretches onwards to the horizon and beyond – to mysterious, unknown destinations. Also, don’t forget romance. In South Africa, rivers are not deemed navigable; a cruise is almost always an ocean-going affair.

Destination Clifton/Blaauwberg/Cape Town Sunset Cruise

Add to these images and tunes our very own Cape Town, South Africa’s Mother City and home of Table Mountain, fabulous beaches and beachside properties that overlook the Cape’s mighty Atlantic Ocean. Our Cape Town sunset cruise is a treat for our passengers who sail along the Cape coastline to a spot off Clifton’s famed 4th Beach.

For the safety and comfort of our passengers, our ocean cruise directions and destinations are weather-dependent. If the weather doesn’t favour the Cape Town/Clifton cruise, guests sail to Table Bay, onward to Blaauwberg, passing Robben Island along the route, again ocean and weather conditions permitting.

We usually find that one or the other route works for our cruises, but final decisions are left up to our competent skipper, who knows best.

The Town is a City

This Town, which is actually a major city, also features an iconic bay and harbour, with roots in this country’s heritage and history, plus a sometimes puzzling Mediterranean-type climate, where four seasons may occur in one day, and the infamous South Easterly wind is known countrywide as the Cape Doctor.

So, here’s the question – would you turn down an opportunity to take one or more sunset cruises in Cape Town? We don’t mean just any early evening cruise either. Our sunset and additional cruise options are taken aboard our industry flagship, Tigger 2 Royale, a streamlined catamaran class vessel, launched in 2008 and loved by all who have sailed aboard her.

At this point, we must mention that there’s absolutely no sign of a red, or any other colour sail anywhere near Tigger 2 Royale, whether the day is approaching sunset or not. Our Tigger 2 charter yacht is powered by two mighty turbo-charged diesel inboard engines, which are capable of reaching a top speed of 22 knots.

Our average cruising speed is 12 – 16 knots, which allows our guests to enjoy their sundowners, while admiring the sensational views and enjoying one of the finest sunsets on the planet when the sun goes down in Cape Town, one of the world’s most beautiful, scenic cities. When would you like to join us?

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