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Jul 15, 2019 | Articles

The Background of Charter Boats and Cruises in Cape Town

The City of Cape Town did not begin its fascinating history as a town that grew into a city. Instead, it started its existence as a rudimentary settlement, established purely for the purpose of replenishing sailing vessels of the Dutch East India Company, or VOC, with fresh food and water.

Fresh Supplies

This was essential to keep sailors alive and well during long sea voyages, while they were en route to and from the main Dutch colony of Batavia, in pursuit of lucrative spice trade goods that were destined for European markets. Leisure charter boats were undreamed of in this southernmost part of the African continent.

The Cape of Storms was selected as a refuelling station because it offered a modicum of shelter and protection to ships seeking safety from the perils of a lengthy, rocky coastline and unexpected storms.

The Breakwater – Born of Necessity

It was only some time later, when the Cape was under British control, that Prince Alfred, Queen Victoria’s son, cast the first load of stone into the shallows of Table Bay to construct a breakwater. This was done out of necessity, following a severe storm, which wrecked some 30 ships, lying at anchor and for which Lloyds of London, the maritime insurers, refused to pay compensation.

Home of Luxury Charter Boats

This is the essence of the modern Port of Cape Town’s background. Today, this is also the distant forerunner of the magnificent V&A Waterfront – home of our world-class, luxury charter boat, the Tigger 2 Royale, which offers guests a range of eight superbly enjoyable cruises from and back to Cape Town.

All our boat cruises are offered on a charter basis, either private or non-private. When you reserve Tigger 2 Royale for a private charter, you and your guests enjoy exclusive use of our cruise boat for the duration of your cruise or on-board function, for which an hourly charter rate is charged.

On a non-private basis, we require a full complement of passengers (up to 70 in total). A set time is allocated to these non-private charter boat cruises. Accordingly, the rates for non-private boat cruises are lower.

Aperol Spritz Sponsor

You’re invited to book your private or non-private charter boat cruise through our company, Tigger 2, proud captains of the charter cruise boat industry in Cape Town.


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