Waterfront Charter Cruise?

Nov 30, 2021 | Articles

What about a Waterfront Charter Cruise?

Do you occasionally feel somewhat down and out for the count, for no apparent reason, but in need of a good, lasting and memorable pick-me-up, something to restore your inner spirit and balance? Something is required to transform your negative vibes into an enduring sense of peace that puts you on top of the world once again.


What might you do to experience that meaningful fixer-upper? If you’re in Cape Town, South Africa’s own fairest Cape, we’ve got a recommendation for you. How about a gorgeous charter cruise aboard a luxury yacht that’s moored in the breath-taking and now world-famous V&A Waterfront?


Our waterfront, ditto our charter vessel is not commonplace, certainly not since the V&A Waterfront’s more recent redevelopments. The latest series of improvements started in 1988 when Transnet established a company, bearing a historical name, V&AW (Victoria and Alfred Waterfront). Redevelopment continued since then, taking place in planned phases.

The expansive makeover involved the creation of a mixed-use precinct (shopping, entertainment and hospitality venues, tourist attractions, the yacht basin – home of our luxury charter cruiser, plus residential complexes), all constructed around the historic docklands.

Bay, Breakwater, Docks to Waterfront

The first docks were preceded by a mere breakwater, a very long time ago. The Cape’s erstwhile name – The Cape of Storms – attests to the bay’s reputation for periodic inclement weather.

Heavy, severe winter storms that destroyed some 30 sailing ships at anchor in the bay, during one particular bout of bad weather, inspired Prince Alfred, then a midshipman, to build the first breakwater. Its construction began in 1860. Today, we know the area as the V&A (Victoria and Alfred) Waterfront – a combination of his and his stately mother’s names. “Victoria” referred to Queen Victoria, then ruler of the mighty British Empire and her dominions.

Luxury Charters

And here we are today – Tigger 2 and our prized luxury charter vessel, a flagship of the local charter industry, Tigger 2 Royale. Charters – both private and non-private, are on offer to corporate entities, groups of friends, and members of the public. Typical occasions for which Tigger 2 is chartered are not limited to, but include the following: Waterfront Charter Cruise

  • Corporate events and functions, attended by special guests
  • Product launches – private charters offer branding opportunities aplenty, allowing clients to make a splash from the luxurious comfort of a world-class yacht, without getting wet
  • Entertaining select guests
  • Team building
  • Year-end parties
  • New Year’s Eve celebrations
  • Awards evenings
  • Dinner – aboard a floating restaurant – with pre-booked menu options
  • Braai cruises – selection of menus available
  • Sensational lunches
  • Special occasions and celebrations
  • Engagements and weddings – in an unusual, unique and super-romantic setting
  • Cocktail parties
  • Romantic sunset cruises – sailing into the sunset, a glass of your favourite tipple in hand – onboard cash bar to supplement your complimentary “Welcome aboard” glass of chilled sparkling wine

Additional entertainment options to incorporate into your Waterfront charter consist of string quartets, piped music, a DJ to spin the sounds, golf at sea, masseuses, magicians, clay pigeon shooting and an opportunity to dress up in grand style.

Perfect Fixer-Upper Waterfront Charter Cruise

Also remember our standard offering – a perfect fixer-upper charter cruise to make treasured memories and ban the blues, courtesy of Tigger 2’s Waterfront charters, currently available at a whopping great discount – less 20%, valid during November 2021.

All information is applicable to the date of publishing. All rates are subject to change. Ts & Cs apply.

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