The Perfect Idea for Team Building

Oct 31, 2022 | Articles

Why a Boat Cruise in Cape Town is the Perfect Idea for Team Building

Team building has long been a way for companies to bring the best out in their employees, and we at Tigger 2 offer fun, relaxing activities aboard our vessel. If you are looking for fantastic ideas for engaging your staff in a day of fun-filled adventure, we invite you to come aboard our 55-foot luxury power catamaran and take part in an exciting, upmarket experience at sea.

What is Team Building for Businesses and Companies?

Team building means taking part in activities as a group to promote cohesion, harmony, and good rapport between team members. It’s a management technique shown to be effective in uniting employees in their drive to achieve common goals. It creates allies, close relationships, and improves mutual respect, which has an overall positive impact on company morale and production.


Better Networking and Socialising

While at work, an employee’s day revolves around their job. There may be a time in the day for small breaks and chit-chat, but this does not give staff enough time to really get acquainted. Team building happens in a different environment that frees up time for networking and socialising, contributing to stronger cohesion of the group.


Better Appreciating and Valuing Employees

Team building does not only need to be boot-camp-styled activities that physically challenge employees. It can be fun and exciting. At Tigger 2, we aim to give companies a way to enjoy activities while spoiling their staff with a luxury cruise – this will help them feel valued and more appreciated.


Building Team Spirit and Motivation

Activities in which everyone can take part and enjoy will create memories, laughter, and boost team spirit. Employees are then more likely to be motivated in a work environment surrounded by team members with whom they have shared these positive experiences.


Creating a More Positive Company Culture

If your company emphasises values such as a positive mindset, transparency, or reliable work ethics, team building is a great way to reinforce it. Time spent together on enjoyable activities builds trust, openness, and improves interpersonal relationships between people.


Spotting Leaders and Go-getters Among Your Staff

If your team building includes activities that require taking initiative or stepping up to a challenge, it can help you identify who the natural leaders are among the group. Gaining this insight into who your employees are will help you better manage them and place them in roles that benefit them and the company.


Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

Every employee has strengths and weaknesses, and team-building activities outside of the normal day-to-day grind will help you pinpoint these qualities. A staff member might be great at encouraging others, for example, but struggle with a lack of confidence in their own abilities. Carefully observing how your staff interact and behave during challenging team-building activities can help you point out any points of weakness in your team, and how best to support and improve them.


Helping Remote Teams Connect with the Company

While remote working was increasing in popularity before the COVID-pandemic, strict restrictions in the country led to more people working from home and companies hiring more remote workers. If your business happens to have remote teams, then a team-building event is the ideal way to help them socially integrate into the company and get to know their colleagues.


Positive Reinforcement and an Incentive for Hard Work

While team-building activities are part of work, they need not feel like work. We at Tigger 2 provide companies with a phenomenal way to unwind and relax in a beautiful environment while enjoying a great day. This serves the purpose of not only helping team members bond but spoiling them with a reward for their hard work. Employees who regularly get to engage in such experiences are more likely to remain loyal to the company and work hard to make it a success.


Enthralling Activities for Fun, Team Cohesion, and Competition

Our vessel, the Tigger 2 Royale, offers a team-building experience with a twist. Companies get to take in the scenery with their drink of choice in hand as we sail along the stunning Cape coastline. Here, they can compete in fun activities like golf at sea and boat-based clay shooting under a qualified instructor. Our golf balls, clays, and wads are all 100% biodegradable, and we ensure to keep the ocean clean.

If you would like to reap the exceptional benefits of team building while treating your staff to an unforgettable, luxury cruise, contact us today.

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