Team-building Event Aboard the Tigger 2 Royale

Jul 26, 2022 | Articles

Show Your Company You Care by Hosting a Team-building Event Aboard the Tigger 2 Royale

Team building often gets a bad rap in business because when done wrong, it wastes time and money without any positive outcomes. Not all employees enjoy events like boot camps, adrenaline-filled activities, blindfold games, or roleplaying – and these may cause more resentment than anything else. Successful team building not only offers an exciting challenge, but it is fun, meaningful, and even a refreshing break from the work environment.

If you have never tried team building before, or if past attempts have not lived up to expectations, it may be time for some change. Every business, no matter how smoothly it operates, can benefit from collaborative activities that promote the strengthening of co-worker bonds and company morale. Signs that your employees could use such an event include a lack of team vision, decreased productivity, poor collaboration, and an increase in conflict between colleagues. You may also notice office politics taking up a lot of time and energy, and a high number of employees who seem disengaged or uninterested in group activities. Team building is a great way to not only motivate your staff but unify them in their goals and objectives.

There are Several Benefits of Team BuildingTeam Building

Team building involves a goal-directed activity outside of the workplace that allows employees to let loose and participate in engaging games, exercises, or challenges. It is not only important to find something that everyone can physically do, but something that allows for some downtime to relax as well. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to such an event, and the activity you choose will depend on the members of the group. Some benefits of team-building events include:

  • Building trust between staff is essential in creating a harmonious work environment. Teams who trust each other are better able to listen to each other, rely on each other, and feel supported when taking initiative.
  • Improved communication between members. This assists employees when it comes to generating ideas, solving problems, and working through conflict.
  • Discovering and appreciating one’s strength and the strength of others. During team-building exercises, employees can learn about each other and themselves, which builds bridges across departments.
  • Enhanced company culture thanks to a meaningful, shared experience and a stronger sense of connection.
  • Innovative thinking and creativity are encouraged as teams must work together to come up with solutions to a challenge.
  • Healthy competition is promoted, but teamwork is rewarded, which improves overall employee productivity.
  • You can show your employees your appreciation for all their hard work and commitment to the company, while getting a chance to get to know them outside of work.

Team Building Offered on the Tigger 2 Royale

We at Tigger 2 specialise in fun and thrilling events that take place aboard our vessel. Our 55-foot luxury power catamaran is currently the flagship of the charter industry and never ceases to impress. The Tigger 2 Royale can cater to a maximum of 70 guests and we even host company team building with adventure activities like golf at sea and boat-based clay shooting.

For those who want to lower their handicap or just enjoy practising their tee shot, our onboard golf-with-a-twist is ideal. Our golf balls are 100% biodegradable and players can take turns launching them into the sea while enjoying breathtaking views of Table Mountain and the scenic stretches of glorious coast. We also offer cruises equipped for clay shooting, which many find both exciting and challenging. Guests then shoot under the supervision of a qualified and safety-certified instructor and can even be divided into competing teams for added fun. Like our golf balls, our clays and wads are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

We Host Other Corporate Events Too

If you prefer team building that is more on the entertaining side, we are happy to collaborate with you in hosting an enjoyable event. Whether you want a casual luncheon, cocktail dinner, extravagant dress-up party, or relaxing cruise, we will work out the details with you and bring your vision to life.

With Tigger 2, you can spoil your staff with opulence, adventure, and unforgettable memories. Ours is a sensational charter option for anyone looking to cruise along the Cape coastline in style. Our staff are also committed to only the highest service standards when it comes to our pampered guests. To find out about our rates and offerings for your next team-building event, be sure to contact us today.


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