Our Selection of Cape Town’s Best Boat Cruises

Feb 14, 2022 | Articles

The Best Cape Town Boat Cruises

When Jan van Riebeeck set sail from the Netherlands en route to the Cape of Storms at the start of the 1650s, a Cape town boat cruise must have been the very furthest thing from his mind, particularly because his voyage would’ve taken his company along a section of wild and dangerous African coastline, through treacherous ocean waters.

Nonetheless, there’s little doubt that Jan van Riebeeck, like fellow mariners of the time, would have felt immense relief and gratitude at having reached his destination at the tip of Africa with intact vessels, especially after negotiating heavy, fickle seas, and a host of hidden rocks and sandbars that are a feature along the deserted western coastline of Africa.

Further south, the ocean and periodic adverse weather conditions of what would over time become known as Table Bay and the City of Cape Town also featured hazardous conditions. A successful voyage owed much to seamen’s navigational skills and standard of seamanship.


Trading Survival at Sea for Decadent Luxury Boat Cruise

While the seamen of old battled life- or death voyages to earn a living, and, if in luck, stumble upon epic discoveries, the luxury enjoyment of spectacular cruises off the coast of Cape Town can be considered one of the top spoils nowadays. Gone are the days of braving the stormy African waters as the only means to an end. We have traded in archaic seafaring for top-of-the-line amenities aboard sleek, sophisticated and modern vessels to give you an experience of a lifetime.

From a Basic Diet to Fine Luxury Fare

Although those long-ago sailors were provided with food, their onboard basic diet was a far cry from the delicious, freshly prepared, fine fare that our guests aboard our Tigger 2 luxury charter boat cruises enjoy nowadays.

344 Years Later

Since our founding in 1996, only about 344 years after van Riebeeck’s arrival at Cape Town, our charter boat company has borne the name “Tigger 2”. Correspondingly, our flagship vessel, a state-of-the-art, streamlined cruise boat, is named “Tigger 2 Royale”. She was launched in 2008, in Cape Town.

Our boat departs from and returns to our mooring in Cape Town’s prestigious V&A Waterfront. Weather permitting, our passengers sail along the coastline to Clifton’s fabulous 4th beach, where we pause for a while at anchor, enabling our guests to view Clifton and surrounds from a new perspective – aboard a luxury cruise boat.

Our Luxury Boat Cruises In Cape Town

Charters are offered on a private and non-private basis, which provides us with the opportunity to offer both luxury and super-luxury boat cruises at remarkably affordable rates. Our popular cruise options include: Corporate Charters - Boat Cruise

    • Watch the spectacular African sunset over the ocean from your vantage point aboard Tigger 2 Royale – one of our most popular luxury boat cruise options, available every
    • Lunch and dinner. A private charter, with Tigger 2 Royale as your floating restaurant.
    • Corporate charters or product launches
    • Weddings
    • Special occasions
    • Team building


Irrespective of which of our Cape Town luxury charter boat cruises you select, you’ll have fun and make new memories in the 344-year-old footsteps of van Riebeeck. We’d love to welcome you aboard our flagship vessel. Book your cruise today!

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