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May 21, 2019 | Articles

A Unique Restaurant Setting that Floats

For several decades since its inception almost 43 years ago, the Jumbo Kingdom, a floating restaurant located in a Hong Kong typhoon shelter, has claimed that it’s the biggest restaurant of its kind. Their vessel is indeed huge, measuring some 260 ft in length.

In addition to her older, sister vessel, the facilities associated with the two floating restaurants consist of a separate 130-ft kitchen boat, tanks containing fresh seafood, mounted on an adjacent barge, plus eight ferry boats to transport diners between the floating restaurant and shore.

Conveniently Accessible Floating Restaurant

Today, however, you don’t need to travel to Hong Kong to experience the delights of dining aboard a floating restaurant. You can do so right here, in South Africa, at the iconic V&A Waterfront in beautiful Cape Town – a choice destination if ever there was one, and a great deal more accessible and convenient.

Granted, our floating restaurant facility – the sleek, white, and modern Tigger 2 Royale, our luxury charter cruise boat, measures 55 ft from stern to bow, but our smaller size ensures a welcoming social and more intimate or personal ambience than would otherwise be the case aboard a giant floating eatery.

width= Flexible Choices and Options

There’s a selection of meals and menus, as well as cruise options that include light meals whilst underway during a cruise, as well as a buffet style or seated, plated meal options.

Depending on the amount of passengers, the guests’ choice of private or non-private charters, and weather conditions on the day, our options that include meals offer a certain degree of flexibility. Some of our meal options include:

• Canapé and sushi platters
• Kiwondo’s sushi/oyster platters
• Braai selection
• Buffet menus
• Plated, sit-down meals with a choice of menus

Too charter Tigger 2 Royale privately for exclusive use as a floating restaurant, without cruising, is great for those who are just seeking an unusual dining venue – one that’s sure to please and impress your guests. Skip Hong Kong and come dine aboard our floating restaurant.

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