Cape Town Sunset Cruise

May 21, 2019 | Articles

Celebrating Sunsets in Cape Town

At Tigger 2, our luxury cruise company that’s based at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, our records indicate that our sunset cruises and others that incorporate the sun setting over the Cape’s ocean are amongst our most popular cruise options.

Sunset Personified

Sunset is a magical time. It’s a gentle time – a fleeting period when the bright sunlight softens, gradually fading to dusk. It is the forerunner of the arrival of the deep, darkly cloaked African sky – darkness interspersed by twinkling stars and the moon in its different phases, above the inky ocean.

It’s no wonder that our sunset cruise options – combinations of luxury cruising and sensational sunsets – are so popular amongst our passengers. The Tigger 2 sunset cruise (1,5 hours) remains a firm favourite. Now, we offer a new once-a-month sunset option – the 2-hour NIRVANA Sundowner cruise, which also features fabulous musical contributions from DJ Brown.

new years eve party aboard tigger2

The Sun and Sunset

No one will ever really know for quite how long mankind has been fascinated by the sky and the heavenly phenomena that can be seen above. Consequently, one must turn to ancient civilisations that kept records which survived for posterity for reliable information about humans’ perceptions, beliefs, and practices that honour the passage of the sun.

Hence, we know that the ancient Egyptians held certain celestial bodies in such high esteem that they ascribed god-status to those that they found most significant, as demonstrated by their religious rituals and worship.

The sun god, Ra, was an important deity, since the Egyptians realised that their crops couldn’t grow, nor would anything without sunlight. Sunset and darkness (night) were brought about by the goddess of the sky, Nut. At sunset, she swallowed the sun, which travelled through her body to emerge again at dawn, starting the sunrise/sunset cycle all over again.

Step Aboard

Happily, the sun and sunset worship aren’t prerequisites to make the most of our Tigger 2 sunset cruises in Cape Town. Book a cruise with Tigger 2. Step aboard for a most memorable cruise and sunset celebration in the Cape.

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