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Apr 20, 2023 | Articles

Experience the Beauty of the Cape Coast with a Cape Town Sunset Cruise

There really is no better way to experience the V&A Waterfront than with a Cape Town sunset cruise. Take in the beautiful South African coastline from the perfect scenic distance and enjoy the quiet of the sea from the comfort of a luxury yacht.

The Perfect Cape Town Sunset Cruise

There is a reason the African sun is renowned for its majesty, and nowhere is this truer than during a sun-kissed cruise. The sunset over the water is truly a sight to behold, and one that you will not soon forget. Imagine the soothing sounds of lapping ocean waves around you, the soft sea breeze perfectly balancing out the last warm rays of sunshine, as you watch that heavy circle sink inexorably beneath the hungry horizon. If you think this sounds romantic, our Cape Town sunset cruise certainly makes for a memorable first date or a romantic evening out.

The Benefits of Sunsets:

  • Sunsets can activate the feeling of awe, which brings with it an increased feeling of well-being and appreciation for the beauty of the world around us.
  • Watching sunsets can help regulate your natural sleep cycle and make you more in touch with the ebb and flow of daily cycles.
  • Sunsets soothe the nervous system and release stress, promoting a feeling of calm and relaxation. Watching a sunset can have measurable beneficial effects on your overall health because of this.
  • Sunsets are proven to enhance naturally beautiful views even further, such as scenic ocean views of the coastline.

So, not only is a Cape Town sunset cruise a way to treat yourself, your family, or that special someone – you are actually benefiting yourself and your loved ones’ health in the process. These types of sunset cruises also provide a time for personal reflection and interpersonal bonding, all facilitated by the comfy ambience of a luxurious yacht and the awesome beauty of the African sun sinking slowly beneath the waves.

The Best Sunset You Can Get

While you can get many of the above-mentioned benefits anywhere to watch the setting sun, there are few sunset views that compare to that of the Cape Coast. A Cape Town sunset cruise is unlike any other sunset you will get to experience, and one that will linger in your mind’s eye long after you are back ashore.

If you want to escape from it all for a couple of hours and indulge in the ultimate Cape Town sunset cruise experience, then you can’t go wrong with the Tigger2 Royale. Our latest luxury yacht has helped hundreds of people experience the beauty of a real Cape sunset. If you want to join our happy tribe and experience your own sunset cruise, contact Tigger2 today for prices and options. Non-private sunset cruises start from as little as R480.00 per person*, with more private options available including weddings and corporate functions. We’ve had years to perfect the ultimate curated sunset cruise experience, and it would be our pleasure to share it with you.

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