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Cape Town Boat Cruises of Today

It’s certain that Jan van Riebeeck did not just cruise to the Cape of Storms/the Cape of Good Hope to establish a settlement and refuelling station that was to become Cape Town. One must keep in mind that a boat cruise is a leisurely trip, intended purely for pleasure, leisure, and enjoyment – delights that must have been in short supply on van Riebeeck’s voyage.

His voyage was long and arduous, fraught with the potential hazards and uncertainties of undertaking a long ocean journey under sail, made all the more riskier by the whims and moods of the weather, the possibility and fear of becoming becalmed, and the perils of running out of potable water and food en route to the Cape. Van Riebeeck would have been envious of Tigger 2’s luxurious Cape Town boat cruises.

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Tigger 2 Boat Cruises

 Our company, Tigger 2, offers charter cruises in the world’s fairest Cape – Cape Town. We’ve been involved in this successful, pleasurable endeavour since 1996. In 2008, we acquired our most luxurious vessel to date, a catamaran named Tigger 2 Royale. Tigger 2 Royale boasts state-of-the-art technology, crisp, white interior appointments, and a chic, clean exterior design, hinting at her capabilities in the water throughout her 55’ double hull and decks.

Tigger 2 Royale is powered by two 530-hp inboard turbo diesel engines, which deliver ample power to cope safely with more demands than normally required by a vessel of her size. Her top speed is 22 knots; we select a leisurely cruise speed of 12-16 knots, enabling our passengers to absorb and enjoy the spectacular Cape Town scenery, as well as their drinks, snacks, and other cruise amenities.

Beautifully streamlined, the boat’s exterior features an open front deck for those who wish to perfect a suntan, caressed by the oncoming ocean breezes, and a rear deck that is covered to provide shade for those who prefer to stay out of direct sunlight.

Within, this flagship luxury cruise boat features a main dining area with a bar, plus a comfy upper chill lounge, easily converted to extra dining space, if required. A plated, sit-down meal can be provided for up to 40 seated guests, whilst up to 65 people can indulge in a buffet-type or canapé menu. Passengers are welcomed aboard with a glass of bubbly in Cape Town and a cash bar caters for additional drinks.

Tigger 2 offers a variety of private and non-private charter cruise and menu options. Throughout, luxury is standard. Should the weather be inclement, Tigger 2 Royale cruises around Table Bay or serves meals at our mooring, because your safely is paramount. Unlike van Riebeeck, you’re not required to contend with adverse weather or the possibility of going hungry and thirsty while undertaking one of our Cape Town boat cruises.