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Apr 15, 2019 | Articles

Cape Town’s Boat Cruising Scene

“Cruising” suggests ease, relaxation, a timeout from all that’s routine and mundane – a break with everything that is ordinary and planned. However, if your cruising takes place in Cape Town, particularly aboard a luxury boat on the blue ocean waters off the Cape coast, this leisurely pastime takes one on an entirely new journey to an inimitable level of freedom, pleasure, and creature comfort with sensational Cape Town scenery included as a bonus.

The Cruise Boat Perception

Ocean cruising is perceived by thousands of people as an aspirational activity that is reserved for the very wealthy classes – people for whom money is no object when their own comfort and pleasure is at stake. At Tigger 2, our Cape Town-based charter boat company, we disprove this perception.

Leisurely Cruise in the Lap of Luxury

We provide our guests with a chartered, super luxurious, leisurely experience to cruise along the Cape’s fabled coastline in the lap of ocean-going luxury, but at reasonable, fair rates.

Welcome Aboard

Our passengers don’t lift a finger once they’re aboard our cruise boat – the splendid, world-class Tigger 2 Royale. At Tigger 2 Royale’s mooring at the V&A Waterfront, our incoming boat passengers do, however, extend a hand to accept a welcome-aboard Aperol Spritz cocktail, which they might raise in a toast to one another and in anticipation of their imminent Cape Town boat cruise.


Charter Cruise Choices

Tigger 2 offers two charter options – private and non-private, plus an excellent variety of boat cruises of varying descriptions and durations. Because our passengers have a range of boat cruise options from which to choose from, it’s almost just like if they owned their own luxury cruise catamaran.

Our private charter option, ideal for private and corporate functions, events, weddings, and special occasions, indicates that you arrange to exclusively charter Tigger 2 Royale for the duration of the cruise that you’ve selected. Charter rates are charged accordingly and on a sliding scale that takes into account how many passengers are included on your list of people who are to join your cruise. You will make your charter booking for the entire group of guests – up to a maximum of 70 people.

The non-private charters also cater for up to 70 people, who may initially be strangers to one another, but may possibly become acquaintances or friends by the end of the cruise. A minimum number of passengers per cruise is required to ensure that these affordable non-private charter rates cover the overhead expenses.

*All information is applicable to the date of publishing. All rates are subject to change. Ts & Cs apply.

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