Waterfront Boat Rides

Apr 15, 2019 | Articles

Waterfronts, Boat Rides, Ships, and Luxury Cruisers

Boat rides are undertaken on almost any concave vessel that floats and is sufficiently waterproof and leak free. Initially, basic boat rides must’ve been intended to transport people and their possessions over bodies of water – keeping them dry and relatively safe.


Floats or large rafts, known locally as ponts, enabled people, their goods, and livestock, as well as their wagons, to cross rivers during earlier times in South Africa. One would slowly move the raft and its cargo across the river by pulling on a strong, pre-installed rope leading from one river bank to the other. However, a pont is flat, without sides, and is thus not a boat.

Rowing or Roaring

Rowing boats, canoes, and kayaks rely on manpower, and are rowed or paddled with one or more oars or paddles. Other boats rely on the power and direction of the wind in the boat’s sails to drive them, or they may have an inboard or a roaring outboard motor to enable the vessel to move.

Ships – Bigger than Boats

Very large, ocean-going boats that are known as ships must be at least 60 metres in length to qualify as such. Ancient ships required enormous teams of rowers, while later ships were fitted with sails and thereafter, steam as sources of power and propulsion.On the Waterfront

A waterfront may refer to any part of land where it meets a body of water or it may be a developed area bordering on water, where various human activities take place. Waterfront activities and developments may include docking and mooring facilities for boats and ships, customs and excise premises, loading and offloading facilities, entertainment venues, restaurants, hotels, museums, and almost anything else that pertains to human endeavours at the waterside.

Luxury Boat Cruising Time

Since founding our luxury charter boat cruising company in 1996, we have been offering our passengers splendid charter boat rides – more commonly and aptly referred to as luxury cruises. Our mooring is located at the famous V&A Waterfront.

The duration of the cruises varies according to the option for which our passengers book and the prevailing weather and sea conditions, since our passengers’ safety and satisfaction are of paramount importance to us. We’d love you to join us for a superb Waterfront boat ride too.

*All information is applicable to the date of publishing. All rates are subject to change. Ts & Cs apply.

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