Sunday Sundowner Dinner Cruises

Nov 14, 2018 | Articles

Spectacular Sunday Sundowner & Dinner Cruises

In all countries considered civilised by modern standards, it is customary to sit back, relax, reflect, and have a sundowner, as – predictably – the sun is about to set on another gorgeous day – in this case, in Africa and more specifically, in Cape Town. Cape Town is the beloved Mother City of South Africans – the favourite haunt of tourists and the place where many, many people would choose to live and work, raise a family, or retire.

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The Sundowner

The practice of having sundowners, which is part and parcel of living in Africa nowadays, may be ascribed to the British East India Company, present in India during the early 1800s. The sundowner of choice in the far-flung territories of the British Empire very quickly became gin and tonic.

The inclusion of tonic water was initially for its medicinal, anti-malarial properties, but in order to improve its bitter taste, honey, sugar, gin, and lime juice were added. In Africa, protection from and treatment of malaria was paramount, although relaxing at the end of a day with a G & T was not necessarily such, but rather an enjoyable symbol associated with maintaining civilised lifestyles and genteel affluence wherever British expats found themselves.

Tigger 2’s Sunday Sundowner & Dinner Cruises

At Tigger 2, our luxury cruise boat charter company, founded in 1996, we offer a truly unique and new Sunday sundowner treat to our guests – passengers aboard our striking, sleek, modern white yacht, the Tigger 2 Royale. She is a 55-foot marvel of marine engineering and distinguished design in the catamaran class, powered by twin turbo diesel engines mounted inboard to minimise the engine noise effectively.

Upon boarding at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront, we welcome you with an Aperol Spritz sundowner cocktail, while we also have a cash bar on board. In addition to relaxing and sipping your sundowner as we set off for Clifton 4th Beach or Blouberg (weather and ocean conditions permitting), you will enjoy breathtaking vistas over the coastline and the ocean.

Dinner – a carefully selected, freshly prepared collection of scrumptious canapé platters – is supplied by two of the V&A Waterfront’s fine restaurants, the Karibu and the Balducci. Whilst you’re tucking away, we remain at anchor at the destination point, which is chosen by the Tigger 2 Royale’s captain only and at the last minute, because his principal concern is the comfort and safety of his passengers and vessel. But, delicious food is not all that you can expect on this cruise. You will also be entertained by the musical skills of DJ Didier, who will ensure to keep the vibe going throughout your cruise.

Cape Town cruise

Can you think of any better way to spend a spectacular sunset than taking a Sunday Sundowner and Dinner Cruise aboard a luxury charter cruise boat in Cape Town? We already know the answer and you will too, once you’ve experienced a luxurious Sunday sundowner treat with us.


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