A Heavenly Romantic Harbour Cruise Is A Hit

When one is sailing on the ocean, regardless of which ocean, or the duration of the voyage or cruise, there are sights and sounds that indicate that you’ve arrived at your destination, a harbour, safely and soundly.  

Mystery and Romance of the Sea

No matter how much your harbour cruise delighted you, there’s often a sense of homecoming, knowing that the harbour’s terra firma is near, but that’s part of the allure and romance of taking to the open, deep blue sea, particularly when arriving at the bay and harbour off what was once known as the Cape of Storms.  

Lights of the Harbour

The first signs that this is so and all is well as your cruise comes to an end, may include spotting a few gulls swooping overhead during the daylight hours, or the harbour lights from afar at night. It all indicates that you’re arriving at a working harbour. Very few, possibly no destination in the world is as magnificent and romantic as the Table Bay Harbour, nor must the adjacent, now world-famous V&A Waterfront, where smaller pleasure craft and leisure cruisers are moored, like Tigger 2’s luxury charter vessel fit for a harbour cruise occasion.  

Seafarers’ Welcoming Backdrop

This is the welcoming, stunning backdrop presented to seafarers by Table Mountain, the Bay, the iconic natural features and manmade wonders that mean you’ve arrived in or returned from your harbour cruise to Cape Town, deservedly known as the fairest Cape in the entire world. dinner cruise - Harbour Cruise

Our Home, Where Guests are Welcome

We, at Tigger 2, are delighted to call this harbour “home”. This is where we receive and welcome our harbour cruise guests, prized passengers, many of whom join us in the company of someone they regard as very special, typically a romantic partner or someone with whom you’d like to share your romantic self. Sharing a romantic evening cruise at sunset, departing from and returning to Table Bay Harbour in beautiful Cape Town, may well be one of life’s ultimate romantic experiences. Moreover, let’s face the facts – there’s hardly anyone who cannot do with a little – or ideally, a lot – more romance in their life. Read more about the best Charter Boat Cruises in Cape Town.

Romance and Its Association with Cruises

The sea holds a multitude of natural wonders, a great number of them as yet undiscovered, so it’s a vast mysterious body of blue water, the source of many a tale – some of them tantalisingly tall, but nevertheless fascinating, filled with the romance of travel to faraway places. Romantic gestures give you a sense that all is well in the world. Sharing an evening with your partner, the ocean and even the sun will reignite feelings of contentment. Warmer summer evenings are perfect for a romantic harbour cruise, and no one will dispute their secret love affair with the ocean and the sights and sounds it affectionately instil. Cruising represents leisure, luxury and pleasure. During sunset, it’s invariably a time of peace and romance, best shared with a romantic loved one. That’s our speciality aboard Tigger 2 Royale, our luxury charter yacht, based in Cape Town’s iconic harbour. You’re invited to book your romantic sunset harbour cruise from an affordable R440 p/p. All information is applicable to the date of publishing. All rates are subject to change. Ts & Cs apply.

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