Re Opening Special

Considering the Unprecedent time we all went through , TIGGER 2 Charters has decided to offer the possibility for Private people and Corporate to enjoy the SEA again at a very SPECIAL price considering the actual financial situation.


Either 25% on any Private Charters ( food & drinks & activities not qualifying for that discount ) and for Non Private group as long as the group is more than 20 pax ( food & drinks & activities not qualifying for that discount )


For any Private Charter & Non Private group as long as the group is more than 20 pax, we will offer you a SECOND charter for the same value for FREE , which in fact mean 2 for the price of 1 ( food & drinks & activities not qualifying for that discount )

This option might be very interesting if the numbers of your group exceed the capacity we will be allowed to carry ( due to distancing regulation ) as you could then split your group in 2 but still only pay the rate of the size of the first group . Obviously the second group coming for FREE will have to be the same size.

T & C’s Apply & All Covid Heath and Safety measures will be in place:

  • Valid for bookings made and secured with a deposit during the month of OCTOBER 2020. The charter can be taken any time until 01 September 2021 (except from 19th December to the 10th January 2021)



  • Every morning before starting any trips the boat will be fully disinfected by a Company specialized in that sort of task (view video on this page)
  • Each crew member will be wearing mask and a Perspex helmet
  • We already have sanitizer available on the boat and one crew will be dedicated to spray on each passenger’s hand boarding the vessel
  • They will be a A4 snapper frame on the boarding platform explaining all the “ boarding& Cruising rules “ to be respected before boarding and while cruising on our vessel . if a passenger do not want to comply he will not be able to board the vessel and no refund will be granted
  • We will check the temperature of each passenger with an electronic thermometer . Should someone is above the recommended temperature, we will take his full details ( for our own records) and he will not be granted access to the vessel . If the Waterfront have in place a team for those case we will direct him to designated office.
  • Normal material Towel has all been removed and replaced by paper towel to be throw into a bin after being used .


  • Each passenger will have to read the notice of the “ boarding & cruising rules “ ( in the A4 snapper frame ) and signed on our usual boarding sheet
    ( the document we use already for SAMSA )
  • Each passenger will have to wear a mask ( supplied by themselves ) and we will try to get these Perspex helmet for each passengers . It might be more practical during the cruise if the passengers are having drink , food or smoke on board and have to remove temporarily their material mask . At least with these helmet it allow to do that and still be pretty well protected for yourself and others.
  • Extra Sanitizer will be available on the bar area , and tables .
  • Although we working in a confined environment , the passenger will be encouraged to split all over the boat between the open area vessel to keep as much possible the distancing between them.

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