Luxury Yacht Charter Special

Considering the Unprecedent time we all went through , TIGGER 2 Charters has decided to offer the possibility for Private people and Corporate to enjoy the SEA again at a very SPECIAL price considering the actual financial situation.


Either 20% on any Private Charters ( food & drinks & activities not qualifying for that discount ) and for Non Private group as long as the group is more than 20 pax ( food & drinks & activities not qualifying for that discount )

T & C’s Apply & All Covid Heath and Safety measures will be in place:

  • Valid for bookings made and secured with a deposit during the month of JULY 2020. The charter can be taken any time until 01 September 2021 (except from 19th December to the 10th January 2021).

HEALTH & SAFETY  Protocol due to COVID-19:


  • There is a A4 snapper frame on the boarding platform explaining all the rules to comply with while cruising on our vessel.
  • The “boarding rules “to be respected before boarding our vessel. If a passenger do not want to comply he will not be granted the access to the vessel and no refund can be requested .
  • Every morning before doing any trips the boat will be fully disinfected
  • Each crew member will be wearing mask
  • We have sanitizer available all over the boat and one crew will be dedicated to spray on each passenger s hand on boarding the vessel
  • We will check the temperature of each passenger with an electronic thermometer. Should someone is above the recommended temperature, we will take his full details ( for our own records) and he will unfortunately not be granted access to the vessel.
  • Normal material Towel has all been removed and replaced by paper towel to be throw into the COVID bin after being used. Please do not throw in the Toilets as it will block them and we will have no other choice to lock that toilet during the cruise until we can repair it on our return to the mooring.


  • Each passenger have to read the notice of the “boarding rules “( in the A4 snapper frame ) and signed on our usual boarding sheet ( the document we use already for SAMSA ) that he approved it.
  • Each passenger will have to wear a mask supplied by themselves (we have some available also on the vessel ) .
  • Extra Sanitizer will be available on the bar area.
  • Although we have open air area on the vessel , the passenger are encouraged to split all over the boat to keep as much possible the distancing between them ( indication of number in RED in each area )

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