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Setting Sail in Cape Town on a Sensational Sunset Cruise

Somewhere along the line, romantic writings and songs invariably mention “sunset”. One such song may pop into the minds of those of us who were exposed to many different music genres almost from birth. The song was entitled “Red Sails in the Sunset” and one particular version became popular, reaching Billboard hit status when it was recorded by the legendary Nat King Cole in 1951….

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Dreaming of a Luxury Yacht Charter in Cape Town

You may know someone who doesn’t dream of setting sail aboard a luxury charter yacht from Cape Town and cruising off into the wide blue yonder in superb style, chilled cocktail in hand, with a fresh, salty sea breeze fluttering through their hair. We, at Tigger 2, certainly haven’t met this dreamless person yet, but if we do, they may well become an instant luxury…

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Cape Town’s Seriously Special Private Yacht Charters

It’s extremely unlikely that anyone who might be looking for a stunning private yacht charter experience anywhere in the big, wide world would find a more beautiful, iconic yacht basin, waterfront development and spectacular scenery than in and around sensational Cape Town, the magical Mother City of South Africans. Many have named this renowned city as “amongst the most beautiful cities in the world”, and…

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Boat Cruise Waterfront

The Perfect, Hassle-Free Year-End Function: A Boat Cruise from the V&A Waterfront There is no getting around the fact that this has been a tough year and that the events of the past couple of months have put us all through our paces. But we’re here and, even if we are a little bit worse for wear, this alone is enough reason to celebrate this…

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Sunset Cruise Waterfront

Legendary Luxury: Take a Glorious Sunset Cruise from the V&A Waterfront Feeling like reality has been a bit much lately? Join the club. Considering all the hopes and expectations everybody had of this year, it has been nothing short of one long reminder that life does not play by our rules. That said, no one can claim that this year has been boring or run…

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Sunset Cruise Cape Town

We’re Back! Time to Book a Magical Sunset Cruise in Cape Town So… who saw the challenges of 2020 coming? This has been a tough year, to put it lightly, and all of us experienced a disruption of our regular lives like never before as everything came to a grinding halt during lockdown. But we persisted, did what we had to do, and slowly our…

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Special Event Boat Cruises

Here Is Why You Should Consider Luxury Boat Cruises for That Special Event So, you have a noteworthy occasion coming up? Maybe it is personal in nature like a romantic wedding, a milestone anniversary, or birthday, or maybe you really just want to impress when you pop the all-important question… Or maybe it is business and you need to impress – an important stakeholder event,…

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Cape Town Decadent Champagne Cruises

Experience the Cape Town High Life With Decadent Champagne Cruises There is a reason why Cape Town is repeatedly voted as one of the best destinations in the world. It is an incredible city, complete with breathtakingly beautiful scenery, gorgeous sunsets, friendly people, delicious food, and magnificent wine. Put all of this together, and it is no wonder that this has become a playground for…

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Boat Cruises Cape Town

Want to See the Best of Cape Town? Try Our Sunset Boat Cruises. Whether you are a local or visiting our beautiful shores, there is no doubt that Cape Town has a unique splendour that absolutely never fails to amaze. It is one of the most stunning cities anywhere in the world, and there is so much to see and do. However, if you really…

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Live It Up On Our Selection of Charter Boats in Cape Town

Live It Up On Our Selection of Charter Boats in Cape Town ife is simply too short to be ordinary. There are times when you simply have to let loose and live a little (or a lot). Life is meant to be enjoyed and it is up to you to make it spectacular. Well, we say it is up to you, but Tigger 2 is…

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