Cape Town’s Seriously Special Private Yacht Charters

Dec 31, 2020 | Articles

It’s extremely unlikely that anyone who might be looking for a stunning private yacht charter experience anywhere in the big, wide world would find a more beautiful, iconic yacht basin, waterfront development and spectacular scenery than in and around sensational Cape Town, the magical Mother City of South Africans.

Many have named this renowned city as “amongst the most beautiful cities in the world”, and we, at Tigger 2, home of private yacht charters in Cape Town, as well as countless other people with an eye for exceptional beauty, agree.

The Cape – Home of the Ancient San and Khoi

One may wonder what makes Cape Town, where two oceans meet at the southernmost tip of the great African Continent, so very special. Is it the region’s rich history, of which evidence has been found that dates back to the days when the ancient Khoi and San people occupied much of the then wild Western Cape?

Portuguese Discovery of the Cape of Good Hope

Perhaps your fascination with the region, Table Bay, the harbour and the varying Cape coastline is focused on the early explorers, like Portuguese seafarer and navigator, Bartholomeu Dias, who was the first European to discover the Cape of Storms, as it became known before being more euphemistically renamed “Cape of Good Hope”.

Cape Town – A Modern Home and Playground

Alternatively, the allure of modern Cape Town may lie in the city’s reputation as a world class modern playground, a place where a multitude of leisure activities and entertainment opportunities, such as private yacht charter, abound, there for the enjoyment and pleasure of residents and visitors alike.

Linked to the Ocean

Whether your perspective is focused on culture, history, scenery, practical landscape features, aesthetic beauty or play and the pursuit of pure pleasure, Cape Town offers it all, and almost everything ultimately links up with the ocean off our shores.

Our latest and current vessel, Tigger 2 Royale, launched in 2008, is a flagship of the private charter industry. She’s a 55 ft. state-of-the-art, luxury streamlined catamaran, built for speed, stability and a smooth ride. Tigger 2 Royale is fitted with two powerful inboard turbo-diesel engines, which purr almost imperceptibly at average cruising speeds of 12 – 14 knots, and are capable of propelling her at up to 22 knots at top speed – plenty of power to ensure comfort and safety.

Special Re-Opening Yacht Charter Offers*

After complying with the early, most stringent COVID-19 protocols, which compelled us to remain non-operational, we’re delighted to welcome guests aboard again, while adhering to the current coronavirus containment constraints and sanitising safety measures. We request that you check on times and terms with us at Tigger 2, because the government’s anti-virus regulations may change.

While we’re still offering non-private yacht charters, subject to coronavirus regulations, we’re presently focusing on private charters, the preferred option for certain smaller groups of passengers. However, a trip aboard a moving yacht, exposed to the fresh ocean breezes, is possibly one of the safest, most enjoyable leisure options available today.

Excluding the cost of food and drinks, private yacht charter hosts may choose between a 25% discount for their cruise, or a second charter of equivalent value, completely free: two exceptionally affordable deals to enable more people/parties to appreciate the allure and excitement of a superb ocean-going experience in unforgettable Cape Town.

*Please Note: All information is applicable at the date of publishing. All rates are subject to change. Ts & Cs apply.