Sunset Champagne Cruise Cape Town

Jan 22, 2018 | Uncategorised

Sunsets and Champagne 

One of the biggest reasons for visiting Cape Town is probably the stunning natural beauty. Apart from having the Atlantic Ocean at your doorstep, and being in a city filled with rich culture and history, Cape Town offers a variety of entertainment for locals and tourists, and this is where Tigger 2 comes into play. We offer a wide variety of various cruises that can be enjoyed with family and friends, colleagues, business associates, and even the future in-laws.

A Taste of the Good Life 

Even though most of our clients are used to enjoying the high life, we offer a slice of pure luxury to the public with our sunset champagne cruises. One of the most popular choices out of all our cruises is our sunset cruise that departs from the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, setting course for Table Bay or Clifton Beach, depending on the day’s weather conditions. En route to our destination, you will enjoy the stunning scenic views of the Mother City, as seen from the Atlantic Ocean. This unique vantage point will showcase the coastline in an entertaining and luxurious manner aboard the Tigger 2 Royale, which is ideal for a romantic start to an evening in Cape Town.Once our sunset champagne cruise reaches its destination, a glass of Méthode Cap Classique will be served to every passenger onboard. Once you have soaked in the scenery, we will be heading back to the V&A Waterfront as the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, you will have a wonderful array of colours in the sky, lighting up the Cape Town coastline in vivid colours to provide breathtaking backdrops to enjoy on your sunset champagne cruise with us. Do not let your evening end once we dock at the V&A Waterfront, as our sunset champagne cruise can be a very romantic way to start an evening out on the town with someone special.

For more information on our sunset champagne cruises from the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, feel free to peruse our website at your leisure. You can also contact us directly for booking information and other enquiries. Let us give you a taste of the good life next time you visit Cape Town, with an unforgettable experience that is there to be shared with that special person in your life, or with a group of friends or family members

Sunset Champagne Cruise Cape Town