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Oct 20, 2017 | Uncategorised

My Team 

Working for a company usually entails working with other people on a daily basis. If you have a great relationship with your colleagues, it makes your working environment much more tolerable, and it boosts the overall performance within your department as well. It is fundamental for all businesses to build these important relationships, and this is where team-building activities are one of the best options. There are hundreds of places where people can enjoy these activities, but few of them will take you and your colleagues for a cruise on the Atlantic Ocean.

Team building in Cape Town is supposed to be adventurous and unique, which is exactly what Tigger 2 offers you. With the cruise setting sail from the V&A Waterfront, you will be treated to breathtaking scenery provided by the Cape coastline – giving you a unique view of the Mother City. Choose between two distinct and unique activities for your cruise, and let the forging of working relationships take off between you and your colleagues.

Clay Shooting 

For all the eagle-eyed people in your office, we provide a competitive and enjoyable platform with our clay shooting, which is specifically tailored for teambuilding. With Cape Town’s lush coastline in the background, our qualified instructor will supervise the whole activity to ensure the safety of everyone partaking. Split your colleagues into different groups to bring the competitive side out in everyone, and experience how new friendships can be forged.


One of the most popular sports for the corporate industry is golf. Big business deals are often clinched on the golf course, meaning that your golf game must be pretty good to keep up with the regulars. Although Cape Town offers some of the most beautiful driving ranges in South Africa, we have our own in the form of the big blue ocean. On your team-building cruise, you can choose to take out the clubs and tee off into the Atlantic, with the 12 Apostles and Table Mountain serving as a backdrop for your swings.The Importance of Strong Working Relationships 

Whether it is the relationship with the people you share an office with, or a working relationship with one of your clients, strong bonds will always lead to better business. Social interaction between people is where all strong relationships begin, and with Tigger 2, you have the opportunity to make it a reality with our team-building cruises. Apart from giving your staff an adventurous experience they will never forget, you will also give them the social platform for proper interaction outside the daily working environment.

Variety is the spice of life, and if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind Cape Town team-building experience that doesn’t involve climbing nets or ziplining through trees, we have the answer for you. Feel free to browse our website for all the details you need on our selection of cruises and information on our vessel.

Contact us for booking information, and let us take care of your company’s next big social event in style. Cape Town is full of rare beauty, and with Tigger 2, you will get a taste of just how beautiful the Mother City can be.

Team Building Cape Town