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Oct 20, 2017 | Uncategorised

Celebrate in Style 

The end of 2017 is upon us, and this is the time for companies to plan their year-end functions. Should you be looking for a venue in Cape Town to host you and your colleagues, Tigger 2 has a unique and affordable venue that will make your social event unforgettable for everyone in attendance – The Tigger 2 Royale. This luxury power catamaran is 55 feet of pure style and class, and can be the perfect venue to host your company at the end of 2017.

A Unique Cape Town Experience 

Most of us have been to a couple of year-end functions before, and know that the venue is one of the key aspects in determining whether the event is successful or not. Sometimes, you have a good venue, but the catering is not up to par, or you end up with a dull evening due to a lack of entertainment. On the Tigger 2 Royale, you and your staff will be treated like royalty from the moment you climb aboard, until the moment your feet touch ground again.

Our vessel is lined with white leather interior trimming to create a stylistic look that complements the streamlined exterior design. A cruising speed of between 12 and 16 knots will take you along the coastline to show off the natural beauty of Cape Town like you have never seen her before – giving you one of the most unique venues for year-end functions.Good Food and Great People 

At the end of the day, you want your staff to enjoy fantastic cuisine with proper social interaction and entertainment. All this forms part of the Tigger 2 experience, so you will host an evening that will not be forgotten the next morning. Year-end functions should be enjoyed to the fullest, and finding the perfect venue with amazing food options is a very strong start. Do not settle for mediocre or sufficient, and ensure that you say goodbye to 2017 in one of the best ways possible.

If you are interested in booking your event with us, feel free to browse our website for details on our year-end function specials, and the terms and conditions surrounding them. You can also find all the information about our vessel, together with our different cruises, on our website. If you want details on available dates and bookings, contact us directly and reserve your spot today.

With Tigger 2, you will have one of the most successful year-end functions in Cape Town. Let us take care of everything, and come join us for an unforgettable experience!

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