Sunset Cruise Waterfront

Sep 19, 2017 | Uncategorised

The Hopeless Romantic 

We live in a world that is very fast-paced and unforgiving, with time flying by and nobody having the means to change it. Technology and modern society are only adding to the fast pace at which we live our lives, leaving little room for anything else. Through it all, there is still the side of us that wants to relax, stare at the sunset over the Atlantic, and take a well-deserved break. There is no better place on Earth to do just that, than Cape Town and the V&A Waterfront.

Cape Town is a magical city that provides some of the most stunning natural scenery and historical landmarks in South Africa – perfect for the hopeless romantic inside us all. With the vivid combination of rich history and natural beauty, you can have the best of times in our Mother City with the person you love. If you plan on visiting, be sure to check out our waterfront sunset cruise, which is ideal for a couple in love!

The Perfect Romantic Cruise 

If you are planning to take romance to the next level, our sunset cruise from the V&A Waterfront will do just that! With a glass of Méthode Cap Classique sparkling wine waiting for you and your partner when arriving at Clifton 4th Beach or Table Bay, the scene will be set for one of the most romantic atmospheres you can imagine – with the sunset over the ocean to the west, and the beautiful Cape coastline to the east. One might say that the opportunity to propose, will never be so beautiful and perfect as it is in that moment…If the time for serious commitment is not there yet, you can still sweep her off her feet with a stunning sunset cruise that puts Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles in the backdrop, as you head back to the waterfront after 90 minutes of pure, unfiltered, natural beauty, provided by the unique vantage point of being out at sea on a luxury cruiser at the perfect time of day.

Once the Tigger 2 Royale docks and you are safely returned to shore, the romance should not end right there. You will still have plenty of time to enjoy the V&A Waterfront and all the retail outlets it provides, not to mention walking on the beach and enjoying some wine. This is Cape Town after all, and there is no other place where you can enjoy Mother Nature showing off her beauty in this fashion. So, be the hopeless romantic for a day, and take your lady on a sunset cruise from the V&A Waterfront with Tigger 2 next time you visit the Mother City!

If you need any information regarding all the cruises available, feel free to browse our website for details, or contact us directly for bookings. With Tigger 2, you can always find a reason to enjoy the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean with the people you love. We also do corporate cruises for the business side of things, and can entertain you and your company with team-building activities as well!

Sunset Cruise Waterfront