Team Building Cape Town

Sep 19, 2017 | Uncategorised

Connecting and Reinforcing! 

It is not always easy to start at a new company with a new job, but you need to adapt to the new environment as quickly as possible. You will always have a team around you, and if you plan to be successful in your new working environment, you need to work together with the people around you. Usually, companies have team-building opportunities throughout the year to improve the connections between the people working for the company, and now, Tigger 2 is offering a unique experience in Cape Town.

Usually, a team-building experience consists of several obstacle courses and socialising afterwards, which is good for making connections between people, and reinforcing older connections as well. What if you could do your team building on the deck of a luxury cruiser that sails on the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Cape Town? Doesn’t that sound like an amazing idea?

Team Building with a Twist 

Forget about conquering the jungle gym for adults, and come enjoy the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean with your company and colleagues. Aboard the Tigger 2 Royale, you will experience the coastline of Cape Town like never before, with beautiful Mother Nature and an open ocean as a backdrop to your experience. Team-building activities can include golf or boat-based clay shooting, depending on which one you choose when making your booking.

If you are a golf fanatic, it is time to tee off into the ocean! With the lush white beaches, Table Mountain, and the Twelve Apostles providing a fantastic background scenery, you can pull back and swing for the so-called fences, showing off your beautiful stroke to all your colleagues in the process. Be sure to leave room for improvement on your first swing, because this style of team building might become competitive!If you prefer not to pick up a golf club on your team-building day in Cape Town, you can opt for the boat-based clay-shooting activity. Everything you need, is on board, including a qualified instructor that will ensure that you are safe and ready to enjoy clay shooting, while sailing on the Atlantic. This type of activity might also get very competitive amongst your colleagues, but nothing builds stronger bonds than challenging each other in a little friendly competition!

With the day done and the cruise heading back to shore, you can relax and enjoy every bit of beauty you can possibly absorb from the coast, the ocean, and the sky, while cruising in absolute luxury. Your Cape Town team-building experience cannot get any better than this, so make your booking with us today.

Choose Tigger 2 and we will provide you with a day full of fun activities, beautiful scenery, and an overall relaxing atmosphere. For more information, feel free to browse through our website – where you can find detailed information about our vessel and all the cruises we have on offer for you to choose from. Contact us directly if you wish to make a booking.