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Luxury Charter Boat Cruises

If one requires the occasional use of some type of craft or vehicle that one does not or cannot own outright, one may charter or hire it for a set period of time. A charter arrangement is concluded to allow the person or group to have access to or use of the desired vessel, vehicle, or aircraft when outright ownership is not practical or possible.

Tigger2 Aperol Spritz

Specialised, Skilled Services

When a boat, vehicle, or aircraft is chartered, the services of an experienced captain, driver, or pilot (with crew or support staff, where applicable) is usually included in the charter agreement, because specialised skills are required to operate the equipment properly and safely.

Private and Non-Private Boat Charters

Luxury boat cruises are our business at Tigger 2 in Cape Town, where we’re based at a famous, very desirable address and mooring – the V&A Waterfront. Our charters are conducted in two ways – private and non-private. Our charter boat is the sleek, modern, and luxurious Tigger 2 Royale – an outstanding example of the best that an opulently appointed catamaran-class vessel has to offer.

Our range of charter boat cruises is extremely popular with residents of Cape Town and visitors to the city and its surrounds. Folks from all across South Africa and the rest of the world are simply enchanted by and with the Cape – its scenic sea views, magnificent white sandy beaches, landscapes, cityscapes and mountains, history and heritage, and the wonderful ambience that is unique to this fairest Cape and its people.Unique, New Perspective

Viewing the fascinating features and landscapes of the Cape from the decks of a luxury charter cruiser gives passengers an entirely new and unique perspective of this iconic tip of the mighty African continent; you get to see and appreciate the city and coastline as never before. It’s magic and it’s all made possible via the charter of our Tigger 2 Royale flagship boat.

Tigger 2 Royale

She’s a beautiful, sleek, and streamlined lady, smartly and elegantly appointed in white leather within. She goes by the name of Tigger 2 Royale and she is the boat aboard which you’ll undertake your charter cruise, making new memories in and of the beautiful Cape.


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Tigger 2 Royale is a 55-foot white catamaran. Her double-hull design ensures extra stability and passenger comfort on the ocean, whilst her overall state-of-the-art clean lines allow her to cut through the water like the sea creature that she is. Tigger 2 Royale is powered by a pair of 530-hp turbo diesel engines that are mounted inboard to minimise engine noise. One senses her power, rather than hearing it. It’s power and it’s pretty. It’s Tigger 2 Royale, our luxury Cape charter boat, ready and waiting for you.

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