Year-End Function Ideas in Cape Town

Sep 17, 2019 | Uncategorised

Why You Should Forget All Other Year-End Function Ideas in Cape Town

Let’s face it, while many of us may enjoy what we do for a living, most of us would probably prefer to be on a permanent vacation than be at work (even those of us fortunate enough to work and live in a brilliant city such as Cape Town). Yet, we are committed to our jobs, and such, our commitment deserves a reward. This is why every local company should put in some effort to come up with great year-end function ideas in Cape Town. There really is no excuse for a boring party.

Tigger2-Boat-Aperol-Spritz So, if this city offers so much, where to start looking for the best possible year-end function ideas in Cape Town? Let’s think. Beautiful sunsets, brilliant views of the mountain, the incredible ocean. great food and drinks, a central location – all of these considerations are vital when brainstorming year-end function ideas in Cape Town. So, what ties them all together? An unforgettable sunset boat cruise!

Think about it – your venue is sorted. You’ll impress your entire team. Catering is included and thus all sorted without additional hassle. You can’t lose any team members along the way. And, since the cruise leaves from the V&A Waterfront and returns there, the location is central, everyone knows how to get there, and public transport is readily available (especially important for those who may be rather thirsty during the course of the evening).

Seriously, are you really going to come up with any better year-end function ideas in Cape Town? Something better than a magical boat cruise that can provide you with a wonderful braai and plenty of drinks? We don’t think so either. So, book your year-end function right now before it’s too late. We’re ready to take you out on a cruise you will always remember!


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