Dinner Cruises Cape Town

Jul 31, 2019 | Uncategorised

Amazing and Unique Dinners and Cruises in Cape Town

With very few exceptions, you’re in for a real treat if someone invites you to dinner in Cape Town, especially if you’re going to dine out at one of the Mother City’s multitude of restaurants and eateries. This beautiful southernmost city appeals to and attracts people from right across Africa and the rest of the world.

Consequently, Cape Town is the cosmopolitan home of an array of people from umpteen other countries and cultures. Many are represented in the variety of cuisine, dining options, and venues in and around the city.

A Special Meal

Nowadays, going out to dinner indicates that the occasion or meal is somewhat special and is the day’s main, largest meal. People regularly host parties that revolve around the main meal of the day, either at home or at an independent restaurant venue.

dinner cruises cape town

A Unique Dining Venue

Some dining venues may not be particularly unique or unusual, despite featuring menus that are interesting and tasty. The Tigger 2 Royale, our luxury charter cruise boat that’s based in Cape Town, takes passengers on unique dinner cruises from the V&A Waterfront or serves this excellent meal at anchor. Our vessel becomes a floating or cruising restaurant venue.

At Tigger 2, we offer a variety of super cruises of different types and durations. First, you need to select a non-private or private charter. On a non-private trip, we accommodate a maximum of 70 passengers. Although spacious, the Tigger 2 Royale isn’t large enough to serve plated, sit-down dinners to more than 40 guests – thus 41-70 people can dine buffet style.

On a private charter basis, you have exclusive use of the Tigger 2 Royale, so no minimum number of guests applies, up to the maximum of 70. However, the 40 maximum still applies to plated dinners. For both options, we offer a wide variety of dinner menus that are sure to please the palates of all who cruise with us in Cape Town.

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