Boat Cruise Cape Town

May 21, 2018 | Uncategorised

Experiencing a Different Side of Cape Town

Most visitors to Cape Town spend their time on land, exploring all the delightful, interesting sights and experiencing the unique attractions that this glorious Mother City offers its residents and guests from right across the African continent and the world beyond. However, it’s only those who approach the Cape from aboard a ship or cruise boat that have the pleasure and privilege of seeing the city from that particular perspective.

Picture-Perfect Postcard Image

Without a doubt, this is why the sheer breathtaking beauty of Cape Town, backed by Table Mountain is one of the most famous, picture-perfect postcard images that is recognised, admired, and loved worldwide. Even though the use of postcards has ceased, this astonishing image lives on, because it is awe-inspiring to this very day. The awesome views of Cape Town, seen from the vantage points on our luxury cruise boat, Tigger 2 Royale, are integral to the excited enjoyment of our passengers and the popularity of our cruises.

Reflections upon Approaching the Harbour

When entering Cape Town’s harbour aboard a leisurely boat cruise, there’s plenty of time to reflect on the past and the history of the Mother City, letting one’s imagination take over. One wonders what emotions the sailors of yore experienced upon approaching this port. This would be after spending up to a year aboard a pitching, yawing vessel under sail, hoping and praying for fair weather and fair winds along the way, lest their ship be tossed about mercilessly when it was foul, or become becalmed due to lack of wind.

Were those seamen relieved and overjoyed at sighting land, the Cape, where fresh food, water and a piece of solid land beneath their feet awaited them? Was their eager anticipation tempered with a degree of fear, because the Cape weather could and often did change in an instant?

The sailors were very aware of the dozens of ship wrecks that lay beneath the waves along the South African coastline, particularly off the Cape coast. Would their boat make it safely into port without running aground on rocks in heavy seas, leading into the harbour?

Synonymous with the Sea

Cape Town is synonymous with many beautiful features and enjoyable attractions, notably the sea and all that’s related to it – stunning white sand beaches, and the meeting place of two mighty oceans – the cold Atlantic and the warmer Indian, and all things marine and nautical. One must also include freshly caught fare from the sea, as well as our luxury charter boat cruises, operating from the V&A Waterfront. 

Not Biggest or Busiest, but Famously Fairest

One may be forgiven for thinking that the Port of Cape Town is also the biggest, busiest port with the deepest harbour in South Africa. After all, this Cape of Storms was to become the refuelling and replenishing station for the sailing ships of the Dutch East India Company or VOC, en route to trade with people in the East Indies and keep in touch with their Dutch colonies in Batavia.

However, the title of largest and busiest harbour belongs to Durban; the deepest is in the Western Cape, but not in Cape Town itself. This honour goes to Saldanha Bay, along the western coast. Iconic Cape Town – the home of our cruise boat charter company – is justifiably lauded as being “the fairest Cape in the world”, one of the world’s preferred tourist destinations.

Pick Your Cruise 

Remember, no visit to Cape Town is truly complete without at least one cruise aboard our Tigger 2 Royale – a romantic sunset cruise, lunch or dinner, wedding or special occasion, corporate team building event, or a night of fine dining aboard a floating restaurant – all perfectly executed on our boat cruise.