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May 21, 2018 | Uncategorised

Ahoy to Cape Town’s Luxury Waterfront Boat Cruises  

You will probably have seen a cruise ship or boat entering, moored at, or departing from a picturesque port, usually located on the shore of an exotic place that you’ve always wanted to visit, somewhere in the world. Sadly, due to perceived budget constraints, your leisure travel and luxury boat cruises may thus far have been confined to the realms of mental travel and aspirational dreams.

In the meantime, you have to content yourself with gazing longingly at an actual boat moored at a waterfront, a picture in a travel magazine, or images captured on film. There’s no dreamy boat cruise in the offing for you, or so you may think.

Dreaming of Cruises

An unknown, but very wise person, who must have thought long and hard about a sure-fire recipe for achieving enduring happiness, is quoted as saying: “May you always have something to do, someone or something to love, and something to which you look forward and about which you dream” – wise words, indeed.

Back to the waterfront and boat cruises, which in your mind, are beyond your reach, only intended for the world’s wealthiest folks. While our boat cruises, which depart from and return to the incredibly beautiful, immensely scenic V&A Waterfront, are luxurious, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a cruise, or several of them, that are well within your reach, without having to re-mortgage your home (or make any other significant financial sacrifices).

Ahoy Tigger 2 Royale 

“Ahoy” is a nautical term/word which was traditionally used as a greeting or to hail sailors on board a ship or large boat upon boarding the vessel. It was similarly used between those already aboard. In literature, the pirates of the high seas reportedly hailed others with an “Ahoy, matey”, the mate in question being a shipmate or the second most senior sailor, who held the rank of “first mate”. He was second in charge to the captain. Nowadays, the first mate is known as the first officer aboard passenger vessels.

 Our luxury boat cruises’ passengers have no need of nautical terms. All that’s required of them is that they book for one of our cruises, arrive at the iconic V&A Waterfront at the appointed time, board the Tigger 2 Royale, and immerse themselves in the fun aboard this sea cruise. We take care of everything else, in accordance with the cruise which you’re selected from our range of options.

Evident at First Glance 

At Tigger 2, regardless of which one of our cruise options you select, it’s evident at first glance that luxury awaits you aboard a luxury vessel. Luxury has been a hallmark of our boat cruises and entire operation since our founding in 1996. Tigger 2 Royale is our flagship vessel, a streamlined luxury powered catamaran, acquired in 2008 and kept at our company’s mooring in the V&A Waterfront. Our cruises include the following:

  • Sunset cruise – This cruise is 1,5 hours long and includes a glass of sparkling wine. This package takes you quickly from the V&A Waterfront to Clifton 4th Beach, and then returns to the waterfront at a leisurely pace, while you admire the sunset
  • Snack cruise – This is a 2-hour cruise with delicious express canapé lunch, prepared by our chef and enjoyed en route.
  • Braai cruise – This is a 2-hour cruise. It is the latest addition to our packages and it is already a hit with the passengers.
  • Longer cruises – These cruises last 3-4 hours. The cruise is available with or without either a buffet or plated meal, depending on the number of passengers and relevant logistics.

We can assist you with charter boat cruises to host engagements, weddings, corporate events, product launches, team building events, birthdays, and other special occasions. You dream it and we’ll deliver your dream boat cruise.