Food of the Cape

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Food of/in the Cape – Fabulous Fare 

“Food, glorious food”, is a familiar phrase that comes to mind when anticipating the enjoyment of a truly delicious meal or dish. In Cape Town, often viewed as one of South Africa’s foodie capitals, food from or influenced by a host of cultures is on offer. Fabulous fare is just another Cape Town attraction, of which there are umpteen, too many to list in a single article.

The “food, glorious food” phrase is actually the first line of the chorus in the opening song of the play and movie “Oliver”, but it could just as well apply to the delectable culinary delights of the Cape. The song, a daydream and fantasy about food and enough of it, is sung by the boys in a workhouse, all of them perpetually hungry, not only because they wanted more, but like growing young lads everywhere, they had healthy appetites, seemingly always hungry.

Gruel was a staple food of the masses during bygone eras, as it was for Oliver and his mates. Gruel is a concoction made of rice, oats, millet, rye flour, barley, or wheat, boiled in water or milk – the latter liquid only if they were lucky enough to afford it.

Yes to Great Grub, No to Gruel

Although you’ll find any number of food types, great grub and different cuisines in Cape Town, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll come across gruel on any establishment’s menu – thankfully. Nonetheless, one is spoiled for choice in the sensational selection of foods on offer in Cape Town, likewise the variety of establishments that cater for diners.

Establishments for Every Taste

Eateries and restaurants abound here, from formal fine-dining establishments to corner coffee shops that serve delightful light meals and snacks. You’ll also find diners with menus specialising in seafood, meats, or vegetarian/vegan fare.

Countries and Cultures

The range of countries and cultures represented by cuisine is huge – Greek, Italian, North and South Indian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Middle Eastern, English, Scottish, Irish, German, French, Indonesian, Malaysian, indigenous Central, North and South African, and no doubt, many others too.Multi-Cultural Cuisine

Real South African fare includes ingredients and influences from many different cultures and countries, because South Africans’ ancestry is multi-cultural. Typical foods of the country and the Cape shine in this respect.

Some of the typical South African food includes:

  • Pap and vleis
  • Mielies
  • Biltong
  • Cape Malay bredies
  • Sosaties
  • Bunny chow
  • Samosas
  • Boerewors
  • Milk tart
  • Slap chips
  • Potjiekos
  • Freshly caught fish, shellfish, and seafood galore

Whatever your food fancy or dining delight, the foods of the Cape have it all – in abundance.

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