Weekend Luxury Boat Cruise

Nov 14, 2018 | Uncategorised

Doing Something Different During Weekends – Luxury Boat Cruises

Weekends are the time to spoil and indulge oneself. Typically, one has little, if any “own” time during a working week filled with tasks, responsibilities, and routine, whilst weekends are yours to do with as you please and when you please. It’s bliss, whether you want to kick back, let your hair down, relax, and rest, or you prefer to be active, go out, and have new experiences. You have choices, entirely of your own making.


Do Something Different

Nonetheless, too much of a good thing may become boring. Even if copious amounts of relaxation are your thing, sooner or later you’ll want to do something different at some time during the weekends, especially in the Cape Town region, which offers such an enormous variety of interesting and enjoyable things to see, do, and experience every day of the week, including on weekends.


Best of Both

A weekend luxury boat cruise offers the best of both worlds for those who love to relax, as well as others who thrive on being active. If you’ve never had the fun and pleasure of a Tigger 2 boat cruise, it’s high time that you do. Likewise, those who have taken a luxury cruise on our streamlined 55-foot, turbo diesel powered catamaran won’t need additional persuasion to take another cruise with us. Because the sea, seasons, and weather conditions are so variable in the Cape, no two cruises are identical, much like nature and natural events.

Alternative Cruise Routes/Options

For the latter reasons, which may incorporate four seasons in one day in the Cape, we’ve included a few contingency plans in our schedules. Our customary cruise route is from our mooring and base at the V&A Waterfront to Clifton 4th Beach and back again. Now, we’ve added an alternative route, in the opposite direction to compensate for opposing weather and ocean conditions – a last minute decision left to our capable, safety-minded captain.

This second route takes Tigger 2 Royale and all aboard her past Robben Island to a point off Milnerton and Blouberg, from where one views Cape Town and Table Mountain just as they appear in many travel brochures – picture perfect – but real and live.

Should the skipper decide that neither route is favourable, the luxury boat cruise may continue in the relatively sheltered waters of Table Bay. However, as a final resort during really poor weekend weather, you may postpone your boat cruise to another date completely, or continue your fun, floating aboard Tigger 2 Royale, safely docked at our mooring with a 25% credit on your charter fee. Most importantly, you’ll enjoy an inimitable, unique, weekend luxury boat cruise option.


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