Year End Functions Cape Town

Oct 14, 2018 | Uncategorised

Year-End Function Treats in Cape Town

The year is rapidly nearing its end. The annual holiday season is almost upon us, a time when the usually laid-back city of Cape Town becomes a hive of activity, a veritable mecca for holidaymakers and tourists, since this is the height of the summer holiday season.


Hard-Working, Laid-Back Capetonians

Despite the “laid-back” label ascribed to Capetonians by our upcountry cousins, people in Cape Town work long hours, as conscientiously as anyone else in South Africa. Year-end functions are as popular and well deserved here as they are elsewhere in other South African business centres.


A Function of Distinction with a Difference

Have you arranged your year-end function in Cape Town yet? Is your venue booking confirmed, or are you still undecided about where your function should take place? Would you like to treat your employees to a well-deserved year-end function with a difference – a party of distinction?

Now there’s a thought and perhaps a question well worth your consideration. At Tigger 2, we have the perfect party plan and solution – a complete departure from the norm, completely unlike the same old, same old year-end function. Instead, we offer a unique venue, plus a total treat of a novel party that both you and your employees will love, enjoy, and remember fondly – without you having to lift a finger. We do it all for you and your personnel.

End Year Function Special

Welcome Aboard

When booking your year-end function with us at Tigger 2 in Cape Town, Tigger 2 Royale, our 55-foot  luxurious, sleek white leisure boat is your party centre, while the wide, blue ocean off the glorious Cape coastline, all the way from the V&A Waterfront to 4th beach, Clifton, and back again, is a magnificent extension of your function venue (weather and ocean conditions permitting; if not, alternative arrangements are available).

You charter booking will be on a private or non-private basis, depending on the number of guests you’ve invited to your party. On board, during a 2-hour cruise which includes dropping anchor for a while off Clifton, our staff will prepare a delicious braai for party goers, whilst our cash bar takes care of the liquid refreshments.

Providing that you book by/before the end of October 2018, we offer a discounted rate per guest for this super year-end braai function offer. We also have a selection of additional Tigger 2 cruises, some of longer duration, and all of them a delight. Spoil your guests with a Tigger 2 Royale, festive treat like no other.


*All information is applicable to the date of publishing. All rates are subject to change. Ts & Cs apply.