Private Yacht Charter Cape Town

Aug 19, 2018 | Uncategorised

A Private Yacht or Boat Charter in Cape Town

Language is constantly evolving and changing. Yesterday’s meaning and use of a word often first becomes somewhat flexible, then ubiquitous, and may next take on a different nuance or meaning as time passes, resulting in the new meaning eventually being included in content of the world’s most erudite dictionaries.


Yacht or Boat

Purists who closely focus on words and their meanings will insist that a yacht is a sailing vessel, while others who place less formal emphasis on original words and meanings will say that a yacht is a high-powered, fast-cruising boat that has the power and ability to slice through the water at high speeds. If one thinks of the ultra-luxury, enormous multi-deck yachts of the rich and famous, even traditionalists will agree that a yacht may be powered by either means.

According to some, a yacht is any type of vessel or watercraft that is used primarily for leisure and pleasure cruises. Other yacht characteristics included in the list include the following:


  • Powered by wind via sails or an engine.
  • May have a single or double hull.
  • May be made of wood, wood treated with epoxy resins, carbon fibre, steel, fibreglass, ferro cement, or aluminium.
  • Size counts in this case – a pleasure boat with a length of at least, but ideally exceeding 40 feet may be classified as a yacht.


Tigger 2 Royale in Cape Town

At Tigger 2, our yacht charter cruise company which operates out of the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, we offer our flagship cruiser, the Tigger 2 Royale, for private and non-private leisure charters, setting out from the waterfront in Cape Town to the offshore waters of Clifton 4th beach, and then later, returning again to our mooring.

Tigger 2 Royale more than meets with the standards and pre-requisites of a luxury charter yacht, as mentioned earlier. Here are some of its characteristics:

  • It is capable of attaining a 22-knot top speed, with a 12-16 knot cruising speed, via two powerful inboard turbo-charged diesel engines.
  • It is a luxury catamaran with a double hull for additional stability.
  • It is a 55-foot vessel.
  • It features a main dining area, upper chill lounge, open upper deck with overhead cover and front, and an exposed sundeck overlooking the water.
  • It accommodates a maximum of 65 passengers, with comprehensive safety equipment for all on board the charter, in accordance with the South African Maritime Authority regulations



Add our luxury factor, exceptionally beautiful sleek design, and exquisite interior appointments and features, plus the impeccable service for which Tigger 2 is renowned and a host of private yacht charter cruise options, and there you have it all – Tigger 2, in a nutshell and in Cape Town.