Private Boat Cruise Cape Town

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The Pleasure of a Private Cape Town Boat Cruise

Some people just don’t relish the prospect of being surrounded by strangers, especially when undertaking a relaxing, leisurely activity. These folks may enjoy social interaction, but then only in familiar company. Some simply don’t feel comfortable amongst large groups of people, instead preferring the company of close friends and family, ideally a few persons at a time.

Taking a boat cruise, accompanied by other passengers, would simply not suit these folks to whom some refer as “loners”. However, most are not really hermits in waiting, they are just not group people. Privacy suits such souls perfectly, even in a popular destination like Cape Town. A private charter boat cruise in Cape Town would be ideal.


The Time, Place, and Occasion for Privacy

There are as many times, places, and occasions that lend themselves to privacy as there are people who prefer privacy, which certainly isn’t the sole preserve of so-called loners. Privacy implies exclusivity and luxury, qualities which are very evident in the Tigger 2 Royale, our sleek, stylishly equipped flagship cruise boat, as well as the outstanding levels of discreetly efficient, private, and personal service we offer our private charter passengers.


Non-Private and Private Charters

At Tigger 2, our cruise charter company, founded in and operational since 1996, two charter options with a selection of numerous types of cruises are on offer. Cruise boat charters are available on a private or non-private basis.

Passenger numbers may vary between a pair or couple – up to 65 souls. A private Cape Town boat cruise aboard the Tigger 2 Royale enables you to choose who and how many guests you wish to include on your private cruise adventure. Our luxury boat is virtually “yours” for the duration of your one and a half, two, three, or four hour cruise from the V&A Waterfront to dropping anchor at Clifton’s 4th beach(or Granger Bay), and back again to our mooring.

“Private Charter Only” Cruises

 Our options include cruises for the following occasions:

  • Floating restaurant – the most luxurious restaurant of its kind, with the option to include a mini-cruise in Cape Town.
  • Weddings – inclusive of a marriage officer, plus the optional inclusion of our wedding co-ordinator’s services, floral arrangements, bride’s bouquet and groom’s buttonhole, selection of canapés and buffet, or plated meal menus, wedding cake selection, hair and make-up stylists, photographer and/or videographer, décor elements, professional DJ, bridal car, and sunset cruise.
  • Product launches/corporate events or functions.
  • Private lunch or dinner cruise for two – a romantic couple.

Our private boat cruises are luxurious, exclusive, and immensely enjoyable. There are no more beautiful settings and backdrops than those offered by the breathtaking Cape Town coastline, while basking in the lovely luxury of a Tigger 2 private boat cruise.

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