Lunchtime Cruises

Aug 19, 2018 | Uncategorised

The Lunchtime Invitation of Your Dreams

It’s important to have three meals per day, so nutritional experts and medical professionals tell us. Skipping a meal is not particularly healthy. The same applies to eating too fast. One should take or make the time to eat or dine at a leisurely pace, in a relaxed manner in a relaxed atmosphere.

Right, those are the basics about how and when we should eat – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This gets one thinking. Where would one find the ultimate lunchtime dining experience, sitting back, having the time to enjoy food in good company and in a supremely relaxing, beautiful location, ideally a place of which you’ve only dreamed, but thought of as unattainable?


Lunchtime Dreams Come True

At Tigger 2, we make your wildest, most aspirational lunchtime dreams come true. How would a leisurely lunchtime cruise suit you? Like most people, you’ll probably jump at the chance of a lunchtime cruise aboard a luxury cruise boat in the ocean off Cape Town’s fabled, fabulous coastline, departing from the famous V&A Waterfront.

You’re invited to make a booking for a Tigger 2 lunchtime cruise. Whether you’re having a day off work, entertaining special clients, or are on holiday in Cape Town, a leisurely lunchtime cruise on our state-of-the-art 55-foot catamaran, the Tigger 2 Royale, is a not-to-be-missed, memorable experience that you and your companion/s will treasure forever.

Our lunchtime cruises are available on a private or non-private charter basis, the latter option being the most cost-effective option, providing that the minimum total number of passengers have booked for each voyage. We also offer menu options and cruises of various durations to ensure that your particular requirements are met.

Lunch Menu and Cruise Options

  • 2-Hour Snack Cruise – our express lunchtime platter consists of nine delicious upscale canapé items, which are served while cruising.
  • 2-hour Lunch Braai Cruise – celebrates the typical South African braai cuisine served en route.


Buffet Meals

  • 2, 3, or 4 Hour Lunchtime Cruises – meals served in buffet style.
  • Menus 1 and 2 – one course.
  • Menu 3 – three courses.


Sit-Down Plated Lunches

  • Plated lunches are only served for up to 40 guests, the maximum number which we can seat and serve.
  • Menus 4, 5, and 6 – three course meals.
  • Menus 7, 8, and 9 – four courses, only available on 4-hour cruise/at anchor options.

  lunchtime cruises


Let’s Do Lunch

Our Tigger 2 lunchtime cruises depart from our V&A Waterfront mooring, cruise along the Cape coastline to drop anchor off at Clifton 4th beach or Granger Bay, and then returning again to the Marina. In inclement weather, we’ll cruise around Table Bay and serve lunchtime delights at our mooring. Let’s do lunch.