Cape Town Sunset Cruises

Jul 19, 2018 | Uncategorised

Cruising into Cape Town’s Sunset

In the cowboy movie and cowboy novel genre, riding off into the sunset was the most popular, frequently used method of ending a cowboy film or book. The cowboy in question was typically a man of few words, the hero of the day, and an expert horseman. He had high standards and principles that compelled him to take on the evils of the Wild West, often single handed.

Equipped with a pair of six-shooters and a rifle, our hero would save the day, teaching the bad guys, bank robbers, greedy land barons, sneaky cattle thieves, stage coach robbers, outlaw gangs, and anyone else who flouted the law a lesson that they’d never forget. This good guy, who set off into the sunset to who knows where, was the ultimate saviour of honest, simple law-abiding folk, their towns, and their possessions.


Sunset Sailing

At Tigger 2, in the Western Cape city of Cape Town, we don’t ride off into the sunset. We sail into the sunset with our sunset cruise passengers aboard our luxury charter boat, the Tigger 2 Royale. Our exceptionally popular sunset cruises depart from the Cape Town Waterfront, sail to 4th beach, Clifton, and pause there for a while to allow passengers to view the magnificent landscape from an ocean perspective. Thereafter, Tigger 2 Royale sails back to Cape Town at a leisurely speed, while our passengers revel in viewing the breathtaking sunset en route to Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront and our mooring there. If the weather conditions are poor on the day, we sail in the safer waters of Table Bay.

Sunset Cruise Charters

We offer two types of charters at Tigger 2 – private and non-private. The latter, non-private charters are the most cost effective and popular charters. A spectacular sunset cruise is well within your reach.

During winter months this year (in 2018), we’re offering winter sunset cruise specials of only R500 per couple, a super saving of R240 (per couple). This offer is available until the 30th of September 2018, and once you’ve purchased your voucher, it’s valid for a sunset cruise on any day of the week, providing that our minimum passenger quota for the particular day has been reached. Being winter and our rainy season in Cape Town, we post a week’s weather update each Thursday, assisting you in selecting an expected appropriate day for your sunset cruise.

Treat your partner to a truly unique experience, while you make new memories that you’ll treasure forever. Come and join us in Cape Town, as we cruise away, into the magnificent South African sunset.