Boat Cruise Waterfront

Jul 19, 2018 | Uncategorised

Evocative Waterfront Boat Cruises

Even if you’re never had the pleasure of actually setting out on a luxury boat cruise from the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, the mere mention of three words in sequence – boat, cruise, and waterfront – must surely conjure up one or more spectacular images in your mind’s eye.

Invariably, words, songs, sentences, and phrases trigger a time, place, person, event, memory, or image in one’s mind. If you have a reasonably good, retentive memory, an association occurs almost automatically. We suggest that you add a unique, luxurious Waterfront boat cruise to your memory bank, because seen in isolation, “boat”, “cruise”, and “waterfront” fall short of such a pleasurable experience.


A Boat

Viewed as individual elements, a boat is a watercraft that is smaller than a ship. It may be a rowboat, requiring oars with which to propel the vessel manually, be equipped with a set of sails in order to use wind power, a motorboat, or a house boat that is engine powered.

By the early 19th century, paddle steamers, large double decker river boats with steam powered paddle wheels, were a feature on various American rivers. Notably, they were seen plying their trade, which included leisure cruises along the mighty Mississippi River, a la “Ole Man River” style, popularised by the play and film “Showboat” as well as featuring prominently in the pages of several of author Mark Twain’s novels.

Stunning Waterfront Cruises Cruises Based at the Waterfront

 A cruise is undertaken purely for pleasure. That’s exactly what we’re about at Tigger 2, our luxury cruise charter boat company, which has the iconic V&A Waterfront as our mooring and home base. Typically, a leisurely cruise may not have a specific destination in mind – it is simply for the sake of enjoying a unique experience and gaining a new perspective of the ocean and coastal landscapes.

The V&A Waterfront was named after Queen Victoria and her son, Prince Alfred. Alfred tipped the first load of stone into the water to commence construction on the first breakwater to shelter vessels during notorious Cape storms, during the height and might of the British Empire.


Waterfront Boat Cruises

 Tigger 2 has been offering charter boat cruises from the waterfront since 1996, the year we were established. In 2008, we acquired our state-of-the- art flagship cruise boat, a luxuriously appointed, modern catamaran, named Tigger 2 Royale. Since then, we’ve become one of the leading, yet competitively priced cruise boat charter companies at the waterfront.

We cater for a variety of charter boat cruises from the waterfront – sunset, lunch, dinner, product launch, corporate event, special occasion, and romantic wedding cruises – something to suit all occasions and budgets, or simply for the pure pleasure of creating new, fond memories. Tigger 2 is there for you.